June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

For Father’s Day my dad received this card. I turned this simple card, with a picture of 3 classic cars in the front and blank inside, into the perfect Father’s Day card for my Dad.

On each car I wrote a word with sharpie. Together they read, “happy father’s day.” Inside I wrote, “to a very classic man” also in sharpie.

In pen, I wrote of one of my favorite memories I shared with my father and siblings,

"Dad, Daddy, Papa, Papi,
My favorite memory I have, as a child growing up, is when you and mom would take us kids to see the classic car shows. We would ooo and awe at cars we didn’t know anything about; we liked them because daddy liked them. We wanted to be just like daddy.
Yes, the cars we saw were classic but so were the memories we made. Thanks Dad for taking me along for the fun ride.
Love you Dad!
Tu Guera,

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

What fond memories do you have of you and your dad?

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