December 5, 2011

D.I.Y. Stocking Garland from Recycled Cards

Ever wonder what to do with old Christmas cards? Make them into garland! A stocking garland that is!

Supplies: Christmas cards, stocking stencil, scissors, pen, hole puncher and ribbon. 1. Trace stocking stencil onto Christmas cards. 2. Cut stockings. I wrote who the card came from behind each stocking. 3. Hole punch top of stockings. 4. Tie the first stocking trough the ribbon leaving enough ribbon to tie the remaining stockings. 5. Display stocking garland!


  1. Lovely idea! Although recycling card is easier these days, it's always a shame not to reuse pretty cards and I always want to keep ones from special people too!

  2. This makes me wish i hadnt donated all last years cards now. xx

  3. Suki, how funny that you mentioned you keep the ones from special people because when my husband saw what I was doing with our old Christmas cards he picked through them.


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