April 6, 2012

Loving from Australia!

As the end of May (Oops, I meant March) approached I eagerly opened my mailbox in hopes for the arrival of my Wild Olive Stitch Swap package. I keep reading on Flickr how other swapees were receiving their beautiful 4” embroidered hoop and I knew mine would arrive soon. There were two sugar skull stitch hoops on Flickr and I knew one of those little fellows would be for me. Of course, the day my husband gets the mail my packaged arrives. It was sitting on the kitchen counter on I walked in from work. I knew immediately whom it was for and what it was! I got loving from Australia, from Michelle, who got me for the Wild Olive Stitch Swap. This is what I got! 
My motif for the stitch swap was Day of the Dead sugar skulls, Catrina, and skulls. I don’t have a favorite color so I typed that I loved them all. I’m a big fan of Day of the Dead and I fell in love with with my colorful embroidered sugar skull that Michelle made for me. She also included other fun goodies, like two embroidered bird buttons, which I can’t wait to use. Michelle, if you are reading this…. THANK YOU! It makes me feel very special that a complete stranger took the time, care, and patience to create something just for me. This is my 6th swap I have practiced in. And yes, like my friend Debbie made me aware of, I’m addicted to swaps. I’ve received swaps from creative people in different parts of the word. How awesome is that!

 I love the feeling of receiving happy mail thus, I have decided to start some of my own swaps this year and I have also team up with a fellow blogger for a very special and different upcoming swap. Interested? Keep your eyes peeled!


  1. that sugar skull is way too cool. i love dia de los muertos too! :)

  2. I love your hoop and those buttons are so cute!

  3. Hi - Michelle here! This swap - my first - was so much fun - the idea that I was creating something for a stranger made it even more enjoyable, so I'm glad you liked the finished product!

  4. Hi...your blog made my day! I need to borrow your crystal ball! Michele did a great job on the sugar skull hoop. Her choice of colors and design captured your vibrant personality perfectly even though she didn't know you yet! I know receiving her gift made your day!


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