May 27, 2016

Friday Frida Favs: Frida Kahlo Blythe Dolls

I’m obsessed with these stunning Frida Kahlo Blythe dolls. I think what makes them special is that they are one of a kind and hand manipulated by a talented artist. You can’t purchase them in a store, making them a rare find. 

Here are some of my favorite:

The top four are from the same artist, known as Dr. Blythenstein. He calls his Frida Kahlo creations Frida Khalostein. Isn't she beautiful.

I love how these Blythe dolls are all different, but they are all Frida depicted in various ways. They remind me of Frida Kahlo's self portraits. The same women with different expressions and in different attire. 

The top ones are my favorite. Which ones are yours?

I would love to start a small collection of handmade Frida Kahlo dolls; handcrafted dolls are the best. 

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