August 20, 2011

DIY: Mini Dog Party Invites

I’m throwing Belle her first birthday paw-ty at the park and I made these cute invitations. They’re easy to make and they work as greeting cards too. Supplies I used: card stock, printer, paint brush, tacky glue, scissors, exacto knife, white mailing envelopes, dog paw stamp and ink. Ready, lets go! 1. Cut your card stock in half. 2. Print out the images you would like for the front and inside of your invites. I used Photoshop to design my images but you use a regular photo and a word program for the inside text. 3. Cut your images. 4. Use the paintbrush to put glue on the back of your text cutout and it glue down onto the inside of your invite. 5. Position your photo cutout the way you would like it to look on the front of your invite. Mark the card stock with your exacto knife on the outer corners of the photo to see where you will be making your insert slits. 6. Remove photo cutout and make your insert slits by connecting each corner marked with your exacto knife. Insert photo. 7. Grab your envelopes, stamp, and ink and stamp away on your envelopes!

I decided on mini invites when I realized I didn’t have enough cards for all my guests. It worked out because the mini invites are adorable, different, and I saved on ink.

1 comment:

  1. Awe, this is so freaking cute! Happy birthday to Belle! ;)


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