November 13, 2011

Dog Party

In September, I threw Belle her first (seven in dog years) birthday party.
It was suppose to be at the park but it was very windy that day and it was moved to my house instead. I made custom birthday invitations for her party. Click here to see the invitations.

Things I made to make her party a memorable one:
Balloons, hats, napkins, and plates that said, “Bitch Party” or “My Bitches,”
Dog trivia on Belle,
Peanut butter dog cupcakes,
Doggie goody bags for guests to take back to their dogs,
 Mini Polaroid with photo holder for prizes,
Custom dog keychain party favors,
 And thank you cards with Belle’s signature (her paw print).

Belle and her guests had a great time. Belle even showed them the tricks she knows how to do. She got lots of toys and couldn’t decide which one to play with. She would pick one up then drop it to get another one. She looked extremely happy that I’m tempted to throw her another one.

I’ll be doing a DIY for doggie goody bags, pin-back cupcake toppers, and custom dog keychain souvenirs soon.

Have you ever thrown a party for your pet?

1 comment:

  1. how cute! happy belated b-day belle : ) We threw our aussie many birthday parties which ended up being great excuses to have a get together and spoil him. I love the effort you put in and the key chains are hilarious! I am sure Belle will never forget it her party. xoxo


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