July 16, 2012

The Princess Sleeps Here

One of my old co-workers, Josh, who joined the Navy, had a beautiful baby girl named Rileigh. His wife, baby Rileigh, and him came home to visit family and friends, from South Carolina where he is stationed. I got to see Rileigh last week for the first time at a get together the Buetows planned at Red Robin for friends. Not only was I excited to see their beautiful baby girl that looks just like her daddy, I was able to give Rileigh her belated baby shower gift.

The Buetows had mentioned they would visit in July so I had decided not to mail their baby gift, which I knew would take me a long time to complete, especially since I had just started my Phlebotomy class. I also wanted to see their reaction when they opened Rileigh’s gift. While shopping for cross stitch kits last year on eBay, I saw numerous adorable cross stitch kits for babies and said to myself, "I want one to display in my futures baby room one day." While trying to decide on what to get the Buetow for their baby shower, I realized a personalize cross stitch would be perfect. No store bought gift they might get two of, but something made from the heart with love, and lots of patience.

I found a cute cross stitch kit by Dimensions on eBay that says, “The Princess Sleeps Here” with a banner at the bottom to embroider Rileigh’s name. I’ve never done a cross stitch this big, 5” x 7”, and this time consuming. I love the way the words change color like a rainbow, which is what took so much time. All in all, all the time put into the cross stitch was well worth it. I know it will be displayed in Rileigh’s room for many years. I found the crochet flower doll at an antique store called Carriage House. Once I saw the doll, I knew I was meant to find it for Rileigh. The doll’s pedals match the cross stitch perfectly. Embroidering Rileigh’s name on the doll was a given. I love embroidery people’s names on stuffed toys I get for them. When Brettany, Josh’s wife, opened Rileigh’s gift she asked me if Rileigh’s name was already embroidered on it. Her comment made me feel good. Of course, I told her I did it. I’m glad my embroidery skills are decent for her to think it was store bought. The Buetows were very thankful for Rileigh’s homemade gifts. I can’t wait to see pictures of Rileigh when she's big enough to hold her little flower doll.

When it’s my turn to have a little one, I hope someone too makes something as special as I did for Rileigh for my little boy or girl.

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