July 27, 2012

The Popular Sharpie Mug

Yesterday, I had to make a birthday gift quickly. It was one of my co-workers, Mr. Furtado, birthday the next day and I had just been informed the day before by another co-worker. I didn’t have time to go shopping or have staff fill out a birthday card, but I had many black Sharpies and a new white ceramic mug. It was the perfect time to finally try the popular Sharpie mug tutorial I first saw here. As I goggled “sharpie mug” I read many tutorials and found one with simple and detailed directions by Scribbles from Emily blog, which I really liked. I didn’t follow her directions exactly; I just freehand the collar, tie, bird, and music notes on the mug with two regular permanent Sharpies, thin tip and regular size. I did however follow her baking directions. Next time, I plan to make my next Sharpie mug dishwasher safe though.

I purchased a Starbucks gift card and tucked it in the mug and gave it to Mr. Furtado at work this morning for his birthday. I hope he liked it and remembers to only hand wash his mug.

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