September 28, 2012

DIY Leaf Garland

Welcome Fall into your home by decorating it with a leaf garland.

Supplies: Sewing machine, fake leafs ($1.00 per bag at Target), and brown thread.

Leaf 1: Arrangement your leaves to see in what order you will be sewing them. I laid my leaves on the trim of my towel, that I use to protect my table when I sew.

Leaf 2: With a pencil, marked each leaf to see where you will be sewing it. I marked my leaves in different levels, some on top, in the middle, and others sideways.

Leaf 3: Before you begin to sew your leaves, made sure to leave extra thread for hanging. You will need to leave extra thread at the end of your garland too.

Leaf 4: Sew your leaves. Overlap and leave gaps between your leaves, to give it a natural look.

Leaf 5: Hang your leaves as you wish and where you wish. You’ll love the way your leaf garland moves when the fan is on.

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  1. This is great! My son and I picked up pretty leaves off the ground the other day, but of course they are all dried out and crinkly now -- fake leaves would be perfect! I would love to do a project just like this one and hang it up somewhere around the house!

    Jenn -


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