September 18, 2012

DIY Psycho Shower Scene Costume

Here's another guest post I did last year for Paper Sparrow. This time it was...Yes, you guessed it, an Alfred Hitchcock themed blog party. For those looking for a unique Halloween costume or some inspiration for the Halloween Costume Swap, I hope this helps.

 I’ve seen two of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, “Psycho” and “The Birds.” The scenes that stand out the most are when someone is being attacked, either by a serial killer or by, of course, birds. With Halloween a few days away, I, Lizette from Creativity Lizette, decided to share an easy way to make a Marion Crane costume inspired by the famous shower scene from “Psycho.” Viewer discretion is advised for bloodlines and extreme creativeness!

Supplies: White towel with trim, shower cap, alphabet stamps, black Speedball Oil-Based Printing Ink/fabric paint, red wall paint, paintbrushes, plastic toy knife, exacto knife, E-6000 glue, and stick on Velcro.

Stab 1: Wrap white towel around you and look in the mirror to see where you would like to stamp the words Bates Motel. Lay stamps on trim of towel and beginning stamping. Let towel dry.

Stab 2: Painting time. Lay towel and shower cap on floor somewhere where Mother won’t get mad if you make a mess. To make bloody hand prints paint hand with paintbrush, stamp hand on towel, and slide hand off the towel. Stamp one hand at a time to keep a clean hand free. To make blood splatter marks dip paintbrush in red paint and pull brush hairs towards you. Some fingers will have paint on them. Use the painted fingers to paint all the edges of the towel. Before you wash your paintbrush use it to brush on light blood marks. Let towel dry.

Stab 3: Very carefully, cut handle off plastic toy knife with an exacto knife. Glue knife handle where desired.

Stab 4: Add three sticking pieces of Velcro on the top of the towel. Velcro both sides of the towel near the armpits and Velcro the middle. We don’t want the towel falling off.

Stab 5: Put on your shower cap and bloody Bates Motel towel and be thrilled that you survived another Halloween without spending big bucks on a costume!

I hope you like this easy D.I.Y. costume and don’t be afraid to take a stab at it!
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