August 26, 2013

Got My Eye On Education

It has been fun seeing pictures of my friends’ children first day of school pictures on facebook. Beautiful children wearing their favorite back-to-school outfits, backpacks filled with schools supplies, and holding a sign saying, “first day of (insert grade).” Some with an eager or nervous smile as they embark into a new grade, make new friends, and fill their minds with knowledge.

I’ve also enjoyed reading the blogs of the ladies I follow as they write about how their baby cried, she cried, or how their baby walked with confidence into their class without looking back on their first day of preschool. It’s funny a mother will always be a child’s first teacher.

As I (God knows) patiently okay sometimes not so patiently wait for my turn to be a mother, I think of all the great things I’ll get to do and I can’t wait! I know I’ll be one of those mommies that balls my eyes out when my beautiful smart kid starts going to school and I’ll frame his/her artwork in our house like if it is displayed in a museum, and share some cheese and crackers with juice when he/she gets home from school to discuss what he/she learned today. I’m getting teary eyed now.

For now, I use my creativity to spoil my kids (employees) at work. When Kristal graduated with her bachelor’s degree I made her a card with a picture of Mike Wazowski in his Monsters University cap with a blue flag that says, “Got My Eye On Education.” I made my little monsters at work Monsters University I.D. pins, which they wore as our theatre played the Monsters University movie. I even changed the managers I.D.s to say faculty instead of students.

And all my bottled up motherly love goes to Belle.

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