October 1, 2013

Inspirational Halloween Ideas

To help you get ready for Halloween I’m sharing 7 past blog posts. Many DIY posts, a costume idea, and past Halloween parties to help you plan your own. Your guests won’t forget your Halloween party with this DIY Skeleton Hand Invitations.

This Halloween DIY Bloodshot Eyeball Magnet decoration will sure stand out.
DIY Eyeball Tissue Paper adds a special pop to any Halloween package.

Can’t throw a party without Halloween Decorations.

You will sure make a scene with this easy DIY Albert Hitchcock Psycho Costume.

Thinking of a themed Halloween party? These past parties might help. Halloween House Party,

I hope these posts help you plan the best Halloween party ever!


  1. I love the eye-ball magnet you made me for the swap last year, i'm going to be getting it out for this halloween too :) x

  2. I'm glad you love it Amy. I have an unpainted one somewhere that I want to make into a magnet for myself. Hopefully, I'll have time to make one. Have a great Halloween Amy!


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