June 24, 2016

Friday Frida Favs: D.I.Y. Viva La Vida Watermelon Stamp

The Viva La Frida Craft Swap is almost coming to an end. There's a week left before swap packages need to be shipped. I actually received mine this week, which encouraged me to hurry up and ship my swap partner's package on Tuesday. Before I mailed out her package, I stamped the box with this homemade watermelon stamp, inspired by Frida Kahlo's Viva La Vida still life watermelon painting.  Watermelons are one of my favorite symbols that reminds me of Frida Kahlo and I wanted to include it as part of my swap gift.

Let's get stamping!

Supplies: Lid of an egg carton (also called Polystyrene), scissors, paper/box, ink pads, and pen (not pictured).

Step 1: Cut the flat part of the egg carton lid.

Step 2: Cut the inside of your watermelon shape. You can use a pen to draw the watermelon but I just went for it.

Step 3: From the piece you cut, cut an outer portion of it to make the skin for your watermelon.

Step 4: Press your cutout pieces onto your ink pads.

Step 5: Press the stamp onto your printing surface. If you like, you can use a pen to draw some watermelon seeds on the actual stamp. This causes an indention, and the drawn seeds will not get ink on them when you're stamping it.

Here's another stamp idea, using a cactus design. Draw your cactus shape on the egg carton lid with a pen, cut it out, indent small holes onto the cactus shape using your pen, then ink and stamp. Doddle flowers on it or even a Frida face. 

I hope you enjoyed this cute, quick, and extremely easy stamp tutorial. It's a great way to add a little creative touch to the package you are sending. I personally think it makes the receiver more excited to open the package.

As this swap comes to a close, I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful Frida inspired crafts made by the 20 ladies that signed up. I have already gotten a glimpse of a few, which makes me overjoyed!

For more Friday Frida Favs, head over to my Frida Kahlo loving sister's blog, The Morose Bee, for another dose of Frida Kahlo inspiration.

Happy FRIDAy!

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