February 19, 2013

DIY Viva La Vida Watermelon Invitations

Frida Kahlo’s still life painting of watermelons inspired my birthday party invitations. Incorporating as many Frida and Mexican aspects to my party was my goal. Many beautiful objects made in Mexico are colorful and hand embroidered, I decided to take the embroidered part for my party invitations and embroider Viva La Vida on watermelon slice note cards.

Supplies: watermelon slice note cards (got mine at Target), seam ripper, pencil, cutting board (or thick card board), white embroidery thread and needle.

Slice 1: Open the card and write VIVA LA VIDA in all caps with your pencil on the front of watermelon note card.

Slice 2: Place card on cutting board and use your seam ripper to punch holes were each letter connects or curves.

Slice 3: Using four strands, connect the dots with your embroidery thread and needle.  When you get to the i make a French Knot for the dot. First knot goes inside the card, stitch your words, and the last knot is also tied inside.

Slice 4 (Optional if not too full): Draw glove holding ribbon inspired by a self-portrait of Frida. Write guests name in ribbon. Behind each envelope write a quote by Frida. Seal envelopes with fruit stickers.

Slice 5: Enjoy (not that way, it’s not edible) mailing out the invitations or personally handing them out and seeing your guests’ reactions when they see how deliciously cool the invitations look.

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