February 2, 2013

Day 12: Ugly Christmas Sweater

Today, I end my twelfth day of Creative Christmas with an item I made for myself. My firefighter tends to wait for the last minute for things, so it’s no wonder that he waited the weekend before his ugly work Christmas sweater party to search for sweaters. We hit all the local thrift stores and nada (nothing). The next best thing was to make our own ugly Christmas sweaters. I was going to borrow a friend’s homemade ugly Christmas sweater but my firefighter looked so animated about making his own sweater, as we purchased his supplies at Michael’s, that I decided to make one too. I didn’t want to miss out on the creative fun.

It took me about seven hours to make my ugly Christmas sweater, of a perverted reindeer with a light up nose. During those seven hours I didn’t eat. Truly, I think they call artists starving artists because they are in a creative zone and don’t want to stop until their piece is complete. That’s what happened to me.

My reindeer was made out of felt and it was all hand sewn. The teeth are embroidered and I used big jingle bells for the reindeer’s collar. I originally wanted to add battery operated Christmas lights around the reindeer’s antlers but I ran out of time. The reindeer’s nose was a costume light up reindeer nose. I made a hole in the sweater and used a glue gun to keep the nose in place were my left breast is located. The reindeer’s smile, the slightly popping out eye, and were the nose is located makes it a perverted ugly Christmas sweater. What I like about my sweater is it is not obliviously perverted. Our friends’ kids thought it was cool how it jingled and lit up.

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Thanks for joining me in my creative shopping making spree for family and friends for Christmas 2012.

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