January 2, 2013

Day 6 of Creative Christmas: Married Christmas

Last year was a very special year from my little brother Chuy. He became a married man! I still remember how surprised I was when he called me to let me know he had gotten married. I didn’t even know he was dating someone. He said he married his best friend and as long as he was happy, I was happy for him too. I told him I couldn’t wait to meet my new sister-in-law.

For Christmas, I made pretzels dipped in chocolate like I do every year for my brother for Christmas and his birthday. Its become my tradition for him because I now how much he loves them. I hope he realizes he's going to have to share them now. To commemorate their first married Christmas together, I used my popular sparrow stamp to make them a special ornament with “Married Christmas 2012” embroidered on the sparrow’s ribbon. Unfortunately, like my parents, he too received his Christmas gift late. During our Christmas day conversation I told him I made him an ornament to hang on his tree and he promised to keep his tree up a little longer to display it. I’m happy they have a first Christmas together ornament that I created!

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