October 31, 2011

The Bookies’ October Meeting

Yesterday, my book club, “The Bookies” had our monthly book club meeting. The book chosen by October’s host Regina was “The Witch’s Daughter” by Paula Brackston. I gave the book three stars for being an okay book. The book goes back and forth from present time to the past as Elizabeth, a 384 year-old witch, tells a neighborhood girl, Tegan, who she befriends about a evil sorcerer she keeps hiding from throughout her life. I enjoyed reading the stories of Elizabeth’s past than her present life, especially when the author places Elizabeth during the time of Jack the Ripper. The other book club members weren’t very fond of the book either.

Regina, the hostess, wanted us to dress up as our favorite witch at the meeting since we were reading a book on witches and she also gave us a wooden witch mask to paint. I didn’t get a chance to paint my witch mask but I did dress up as a witch. By default I won the best witch costume because I was the only one who dressed up except for Regina. Can you guess whom I dress up as? The green face and the monkey should be an easy give away.

Like always, the food was delicious and above are the fun and tasty desserts we had.

Remember to brush your teeth and have a safe and happy Halloween!

The Psycho Giveaway Winner is...

The winner for the Psycho Giveaway is… screams please…is Jen! Congratulations Jen! I’ll be contacting you soon so I can send out your goodies!

October 25, 2011

If your favorite Disney princess was real

I saw this post on Shine from Yahoo on what "If Disney princesses were real” and I had to share it because what girl doesn't have a favorite Disney princess. Check out the post and see what your favorite princess would look like in real life. My favorite Disney princess is Ariel. Who's your favorite Disney princess?

October 23, 2011

Halloween House Party

This is my last post for “The Haunting of Past Halloween Parties” and it’s a very special party because it’s the one that got me addicted to throwing my own Halloween parties.

In 2007, my friend Abebra asked me if I would help her throw a Halloween party at her house and how could I resist. I made the invitations, which have become my favorite part of planning a Halloween party. As you have seen from my previous Halloween Party posts my invitations have gotten a little more elaborated since this one. Click here and here to see other invites. We printed the invitations on different color stock paper.

The party was hosted by, “3 HOT CHICKS.” Abebra got three of her friends to help her host the party. We had a DJ, which was the brother of one of the hostess, we had four costume contests, and all guest received emailed photographs of themselves with the party’s logo on it.

I had a great time helping plan the party and at the party! My friends enjoyed themselves thus I decided to throw Halloween parties when time and money permits.

October 19, 2011

D.I.Y. Guest Post at Paper Sparrow & Giveaway

Celebrate the creative genius of Alfred Hitchcock over at Paper Sparrows’ Alfred Hitchcock blog party! Yours truly will be hosting a guest post, today at 11 am, on how to make a Marion Crane costume inspired by the famous shower scene from the movie, “Psycho." So, don’t be a nut and head over to Paper Sparrow.

Then come back to my blog for a Psycho Giveaway! Giveaway includes six bloody envelopes inspired by the movie, “Psycho.” Envelopes come with blank address labels too. Getting mail has never been so scary!

To Enter

1. Leave a comment telling me what was your favorite Alfred Hitchcock post is over at Paper Sparrow or your favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Extra Entries: Leave a separate comment for each extra entry.

2. Write a post about this giveaway on your blog or facebook.

3. Follow Creativity Lizette blog through Google Friend Connect.

Giveaway ends, Sunday, October 30 at Midnight, the winner is announced on Monday. Good Luck!

October 10, 2011

Jenyffer Maria's Custom Doodle

Can you guess who this is in the doodle above? It’s my dog, Belle and me! I had the very, very talented artist Jenyffer Maria make a custom doodle of Belle and me and I asked her to incorporate my favorite holiday, Day of the Dead. I am blown away on how great the piece turned out. It totally went beyond my expectations. I can’t wait to get it in the mail so I can get it framed. This has totally made my day!

Check out Jenyffer’s blog and her Etsy!

October 7, 2011

Boneyard Bash Party

This is a continuation of “The Haunting of Past Halloween Parties!” post. Two thousand and nine was a big year for my husband and I, not only did we get married but we also purchased a home. It was no surprise that after throwing a Halloween party the year before at our apartment that we were going to throw another one in our new home. Our Halloween party was Boneyard Bash themed and I made some awesome glow in the dark “Don’t Forget Skeleton Hand” invitations, that you can learn how to make by clicking here.

I was extremely excited when I carved this pumpkin because it welcomed our close family and friends to our home. Unlike last years invitations were I separated both of our names I was now able to just say, “The Guzman’s” which represented the both of us!

This is our front porch Halloween decorations. The black curtains were made out of big black plastic trash bags.

Since I was throwing a Boneyard Bash party and the Day of the Dead is my favorite holiday, I thought it would be a great idea to have the hostess, me, dress up as a Calavera.

Amy, me, and Amanda

My Boneyard Bash guests. Who will be the best costume winner?

I made this best costume award ribbon to match the Boneyard Bash invitations. The BEST COSTUME letters glow in the dark too!

And the winner is…Kristen dressed as Pocahontas.

This was the best Halloween party my hubby and I have thrown so far! Oh, how I love Halloween!

October 5, 2011

D.I.Y. Guest Post at Paper Sparrow

Party Time! Paper Sparrow one of my favorite blogs is having a Tim Burton blog party today and tomorrow. I am doing a guest post on how to make a “Let’s Talk Over Tea” brooch inspired by Alice in Wonderland movie tomorrow.

You can win the "Let's talk over Tea" brooch too but you have to head over to the party to enter. Like the white rabbit says, "Don't be Late."

October 3, 2011

Halloween Decorations

This is how my house looks after staying up until 4 o'clock in the morning on Sunday to put up my Halloween and Day of the Dead decorations.

Day of the Dead tree
Couch Monsters

Mr. Count Bones

Day of the Dead Altar (still in progress)

Witch’s Table

Cemetery Fire Place

Do you have your Halloween decorations up yet?
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