November 1, 2016

Halloween Swap: What I Gave

I did a private Halloween swap with my friend Tanya, whom I meet through a Christmas swap last year. She actually lived on my street as teenager and now lives in San Diego. Our paths were meant to cross. Tanya has become a part of my family now and we absolutely love her! Unlike other swaps were packages are mailed, we exchanged our gifts in person.

This is what I gave Tanya. Below are some pictures I took while making her goodies.

Spider Printed Kitchen Towel
I made an easy stamp out of craft foam. 

I glued the foam stamp onto a thick piece of plastic and stamped it onto a white kitchen towel. I made two towels and had to make one stamp for each. This type of stamp isn't for continual use but it works for this busy mama and it got the job done.

Spider printed kitchen towels completed. These towels were inspired by a DIY on Pinterest.

Blessed Canvas by Little L
Tanya loves fall and Lily loves to paint, so I had Lily use fall colors to paint a fall inspired canvas for Tanya. 

Here is Lily's complete part of this project. She used her fingerprints, footprints, paintbrushes, and q-tips to paint on the canvas.

I ruined the surprise and told Tanya this canvas was for her and I asked her what word she would like painted on it. She chose, "blessed."

Pumpkin Stained Glass Kit
I purchased this pumpkin stained glass kit at Joann's. I had to keep adding more beads while baking it. It wasn't my favorite project but I loved the outcome. 

Huge Fly Magnets
I made fly magnets just like these a few years ago for a Halloween party I through. Since I was going for a kitchen themed type swap for Tanya, I thought the magnets would look awesome on her refrigerator. I was glad I saw something like these magnets pinned on her Pinterest after I had made them. 

Halloween Scene on Wooden Spoon
 I saw some Halloween scene pins on Tanya's Pinterest and I started pinning more myself to inspire me to create my own scene for this wooden spoon. I purchased a regular spoon and had my husband sand off the logo. I loved making this. I'm going to start painting on spoons more often. The cookies are pumpkin sugar cookies; I got the recipe from her Pinterest too.

Here's a closer look the painted Halloween scene.

I painted little dots around the spoon's handle to make it look like stars. The stars are my favorite thing about the spoon because it leads your eyes towards the Halloween scene.

It's A Wrap!

 On my last swap, I added pins onto each wrapped package. I liked the way it looked so I did the same here. I plan to do this whenever possible, making it my "thing."

I hope you had a fun and safe Halloween yesterday. I plan to share all the goodies Tanya gave me for our Halloween swap soon. 

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