March 29, 2011

Finished Projects

I had gotten a sock monkey from my secret Santa at work last Christmas and I had said that whomever got me a sock monkey I would name the monkey after them. I’ve always a wanted sock money. Becca got me the sock monkey and I’ve wanted to embroider her name on a felt heart for the monkey since I got it. Well, yesterday I finally got it done! However, I started losing space when embroidering the name on the heart and had to make the last letters smaller, but I think I was able to balance it out with the little green dots on the side of the heart. What to you think? Now, the sock monkey is officially named Becca.

The other project I finished was to cover a crack I made on a frame. I purchased this adorable Valentine’s Day frame at Target to put a picture of my husband, Belle, and I from the day that Belle graduated from puppy training class. I cracked the corner of the frame as I was removing it off my entertainment system to dust. I was very upset with myself and moved the frame onto my fireplace. It wasn’t that noticeable, but I knew it was there and it bothered me. So, I embroidered Belle’s name and a little pink bone onto a felt heart. I used blue thread for Belle’s name to match the color of the frame. I’m very happy with the cover-up! LOL! And, the embroidered heart goes well with the ones printed on the frame.

I can’t believe I got two small projects done yesterday. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get more done this week!

March 28, 2011

March’s Book Club Meeting

Like always, this was another fun filled book club meeting. We discussed the book “Delirium” by Lauren Oliver, which we all liked. I actually read it in one week and I consider myself a slow reader. I highly recommend this book. The book is about living in a society without love. Unfortunately, I won’t have a book giveaway for “Delirium” since the girls are gradually switching to electronic devices like the nook or an iPad to read their books. But no worries, I will be having some kind of giveaway this month.

For those who love cupcakes, I know I do, you’ll love April’s book. It’s called, “Crazy about Cupcakes” by Krystina Castella. It’s a cupcake recipe book. We try to spice things up with our books. We have read self help books and this will be our first recipe book. Regina (second on the left) choose this book and said we don’t have to read the whole book just the intro. She’s such a sweetheart that she bought all of us our own cupcake recipe book so we don’t have to buy it. She wants us to pick a recipe from the book, bake a batch, and bring them to April’s book club meeting for everyone to enjoy. There will be cupcake trivia and cupcake judging. I’m so excited! I can’t wait! So, I’ve decided to make my next giveaway cupcake themed! I just don’t know exactly what yet.

The conclude this post, I will like to announced March’s book giveaway winner…

Congratulations Rocio! I will be emailing you to get your address to ship your book “Outside Valentine” by Liza Ward. I hope you enjoy reading it!

March 24, 2011

Gambling with Grammy

I just got home from Harrah’s Rincon Casino in San Diego, CA with a happy wallet! My husband’s grandmother whom we call Grammy invited me. We met the P.S. Tour bus at 7:30 am in front of our local Target and it only cost $10 to go, which I got back as credit for the casino. The bus was filled mostly with seniors. I was the youngest one there but I didn’t mind. During the two-hour drive, they handed out donuts, coffee, and water. We even played black out Bingo for $1. It was $1 per Bingo board and we got to play on it three times. I didn’t win but the lady behind me did. It was so much fun.

We arrived at the casino around 10am and I received my $10 back in credit plus $25 more for signing up. Grammy introduced me to Star Trek slot machine that has become my favorite game! It was a penny game with a maximum bid of 35 cents. I played on that game for over an hour on $20. I left the machine when I had nothing left. The way I saw it, I was winning. I was able to stay busy for over an hour on $20 at a casino.

After playing a few more slot machines, and using up my $35 free casino credit plus $25 of my own, Grammy and I got some lunch. We ate at Pink’s in the casino. Grammy said that it is a very popular hotdog place in Hollywood. I had a Chicago spicy hotdog and shared some onion rings with Grammy. Grammy said I must have been very hungry because I gobbled it up, even though I told her earlier that I wasn’t very hungry and could wait a little longer.

About two hours before meeting our bus at 3pm for departure, I watched Grammy play some slot machines. Then, we headed to the Star Trek game again. I wanted to play on it once more before we left. On about my 5th game, I won $266! Remember everything is in pennies so I had no idea how much I had won because I am the worse person at math. Grammy told me to cash out and I jump of excitement when I realized how much I had won. I gave Grammy a big hug and told her that I was done for the day.

When, I texted my husband to tell him the good news he didn’t believe me. He told me to text him a picture. Oh, on that note, sorry about the cell phone pictures. I didn’t take my camera because Grammy said that I didn’t need it, though I really did, but I had to please. I took pictures with my camera of the pictures I took with my phone.

The whole point of going to the casino with Grammy was to spend some good quality time with her. I’m not big on gambling. I really don’t like gambling my hard earned money faster than I can work for it, especially when there’s no guarantee that I will win. I rather spend it on something I really want. That is why, when I do go gambling on the rare occasion, I have a limit of how much I am going to take.

I’m glad Grammy invited me. How could I not be, I won! Grammy must be my lucky charm. Now, I have money to pay my taxes. Oh, the joy!

That's me at home after an exciting day!

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March 18, 2011

My Saint Patrick’s Day Evening

I took the rainbow picture last month as I arrived to work after a rainy morning. I was holding on to it because I though today would be a perfect day to share it with you guys.

I had mentioned to my best friend Pam that I wanted to go to a bar for Saint Patrick’s Day and have my first green beer. We decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, which is right next door to my work on Saint Patty’s Day. We met at my work at 5pm then walked into a packed Buffalo Wild Wings. Luckily, we were able to find two seats at the end of the bar. We both started with girly drinks, raspberry vodkas. Let me mention that I am not a big drinker and a total lightweight. My goal was to just have one drink, chat, and then head home to my sick husband who was okay if I spent a few hours hanging out with Pam, that due to our busy work schedules we barely hang out. After finishing our drink I wanted to go watch a movie since it was still early but nothing started into later so we decided to stay and have just one more drink. Since, our raspberry vodkas weren’t green I order a Blue Moon beer since I came to have a green beer. Sadly, the bartender didn’t use green food dye in my deer, don’t know why, so no green beer for me on Saint Patty’s Day. Sad face. However, Pam and I had a blast cracking jokes and catching up. We shared an order of ultimate nacho and had a nice non-alcoholic water to recover before we headed home. I didn’t get the green Saint Patrick’s Day beer I wanted but I was lucky to have shared that evening with my best friend.

I hope you guys had a great Saint Patrick’s Day and remembered to wear your green. I did!

March 15, 2011

Spring Wreath Giveaway

My dear and talent friend, Sarah, is doing a giveaway of a beautiful colorful wreath on her blog, Oh My Deer! I have a mini-me version of it and it's absolutely adorable. So, go to her blog and enter to win. You know you want too!

Reflection of a Great Man, Joe Moran

Last month, February 13, I received a text message from Hogla, a college friend, asking me if I was aware that our printmaking teacher, Joe Moran, had past away in October. Shocked and sad I answered, “no.” She found out because California State University of San Bernardino, where I went to college, was having a art show titled “Reflections, The Art & Life of Joe Moran” hence the post title.

The first day of the art show was Saturday, Feb. 19. I wrote some happy memories I shared of Joe in case I had the strength to share them with everyone there. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather I wasn’t able to attend.

Here’s what I wrote:

Today my heart is broken and also happy. Broken because a great man that influenced my life has sadly passed away and happy because I was honored to have known him. Joe Moran was my printmaking teacher in college. After taking his class twice to meet my studio credits I continued taking his classes until I graduated. There was something welcoming of our printmaking studio room; the doors were always unlocked. It wasn’t a class you walked into but a gathering of family and friends with Joe head of household. He always encouraged us to try new printmaking methods and taught me to enjoy the art I created. Though, I didn’t have a relationship with my father at the time, I realized that Joe was one of a few college professors that filled that void. He like other professors recognized the change in me as I grew in college and they expressed their proudness. I will never forget my talks and laughs with Joe. And he calling me “his novia.” I’m glad I got to see Joe once more and write to him a few times after I graduated in 2006. I guess in a way I’m still in denial because I believe that wonderful people like Joe don’t died that they live forever to keep influencing our lives. But Joe will live forever, in our hearts and in our art.

This picture is the last time I saw Joe. He was retiring and this was the last day of his last printmaking class.

My friend Vanessa, whom I meet in printmaking class, and I tired to go to the show again the following week but once again our plans were canceled due to the weather. We were finally able to make it on the last day of the show, Thursday, March 10th. Vanessa and I met up with two other printmaking buddies, Flow and Mona.

The show was kind of small but perfect in a way. They had a slide show of this artwork and his work hanging in frames. It was beautiful, yet sad. An unknown artist painted a portrait of Joe. I asked my friend Flow to take a picture of me by it. I regret never getting a picture of just Joe and I. Now, I have one though he wasn’t physically there. But, his spirit was there; I felt it in his artwork and being there with the girls.

After the show, we peeked into the windows of our old printmaking studio class reminiscing about the fun we had and pointing out how everything was in the wrong place. We ended our gathering at Farmer Boys. I was so happy to caught up with my old college friends, Vanessa, Flow, and Mona. At one point, I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants. I had seen Vanessa a few times because she lives in the same city I do, but never had a chance to really hang out since I graduated until that day. We decided to all meet up at least once every other month.

The evening was bittersweet. It’s funny how life can be filled of sadness and enjoy all at the same time.

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March 13, 2011

Making Things Bownita (Beautiful)

Sorry, I have neglected you my dear blog readers. I have been busy trying to open my new Etsy shop, called "Que Bownita," which means how beautiful in Spanish without the w. I added the w because everything in my shop has a bow on it. I want people to feel bownita (beautiful wearing my bows)! I'm offering free shipping at my shop until the end of March, just type in the code: GRANDBOW. It's free shipping for my grand opening.

Here are a few Que Bownita accessories I have create all out of yarn.

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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. CRAFT ON my friends!

March 4, 2011

Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts

Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, on March 17th. Click here if you would like to know the history of St. Patrick’s Day. Below are a few fun Saint Patty’s Day craft tutorials that I found online. Be prepared and wear your green unless you want to get pinched!

 (includes a video too!)

My Saint Patrick's Day Creation

I made a Saint Patrick’s Day brooch above titled, “You’re my pot of gold.” It’s a little pot of gold, with a rainbow (strips of ribbon) hanging from the bottom. I embroidered, “You’re the gold at the end of my rainbow” on the felt pot and I hole punched gold scrap booking paper to make the little gold coins. I came up with the idea at work and worked on it last weekend on my day off. I’m very satisfied with the outcome especially since I broke away from making a traditional shamrock. I love bringing my ideas to life!

Do you have any Saint Patrick's Day traditions or crafts you would like to share?

March 1, 2011

Sweet Treats (includes Book Giveway too)

This is part two of my “February’s Book Club Meeting,” post were I shared pictures of all the awesome Valentine’s Day boxes the girls from my book club made.

I decorate my dinning room window with book club invites. I used clothespins to attach the invitations onto a Valentine’s Day garland with hearts on it, for the book club meeting. It made me reminisce on all the past books we have read and our monthly meetings and how much I always look forward to them.

Just like when we were little kids at school on Valentine’s Day, the girls brought Valentine’s Day goodie to put in our boxes. One of my favorite goodies came for Christi. She made heart magnets. She got wooden hearts, painted them, added glitter, and clued magnets on the back. What a simple, yet adorable idea! Maybe, I’ll make some for next year for the Valentine Craft Swap. I made a flower design on my refrigerator with the magnets.

Since it was my birthday this month, I received a $10 gift card from Barnes and Nobles from “The Bookies” that all the girls pitched in for. Christi and Amanda (mother and daughter) got me a much wanted “I heart Fire Fighters” t-shirt and it was boxed in a cute alligator gift box. Christi and Amanda were afraid that I already own the t-shirt but I didn’t. Once I opened the alligator’s mouth and realized what it was I ran to the bathroom to try it on. I love anything fire fighter related. It was a size small and I was afraid it would fix. It did fit!! I was so excited that I couldn’t stop squealing and thanking them. It was the perfect gift!

After, passing the Valentine’s Day goodies, we ate. I made Rueben sandwiches; I cooked the corn reef all by myself! The sandwiches came out delicious and that’s saying a lot since I don’t cook. After dinner we discussed the book, “Outside Valentine” by Liza Ward. Two people out of seven liked the book but you can make your on conclusion because it’s BOOK GIVEAWAY time! One of the girls was generous enough to donate her book. The giveaway also includes a “Reading is Sexy” pin. Anyone, anywhere is welcome to enter.

There are 6 ways to enter and win! You can do all 6 if you like.

Leave a comment telling me what is your favorite book genre is. For example: Mystery, Young Adult novels, etc. (please leave your name and email)

Mention the Book Giveaway on your Blog, Facebook, or Tweet about it.

Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect and if you already do, let me know.

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Last day to enter will be Friday, March 25. March 27 will be the next book club meeting and one of the girls will randomly choose a winner!
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