February 28, 2011

February's Book Club Meeting

Yesterday, Sunday, February 27th, my book club meeting was held at my house. I was really thrilled to see that the girls put a lot of effort into their Valentine's Day boxes. There was a Barbie themed box, a Anti- Valentine's Day box, a floral Spring time box, an All About Amy box, and the house box. Lots of fun things happened during the meeting; however, I would like to share pictures that I took of the girls' boxes first. The judge for the Valentine's Day boxes was Jennifer since she didn't make a box. The winner was Christi; she made the house box. Her box was originally a Taco Bell box. She received a $5.00 Love Meter gift card from Target and a custom "The Bookies" pin with our book club logo on it. All the girls wanted her Bookies pin.

Since I have more pictures of the book club meeting I've decided to blog about it tomorrow. But, I leave you guys with one question, "Which Valentine's Day box is your favorite and why?"

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