May 28, 2013

Pin-Up Themed Bridal Shower

I attended a Pin-up themed bridal shower, with a splash of vintage, in April. The shower was for Becky, who received the fire wife necklace I posted about in a previous post. I really enjoyed myself at the bridal shower and even won a contest! Here are some pictures I captured from the event.

The invitation was in the form of a recipe card. The recipe - great friends and lots of fun!

Toast to the bride-to-be with wine glasses with pink sugar rims and pin-up bottle cap wine charms.

Mason jars with paper straws with pink hearts for the homemade strawberry lemonade.

There goes the waistline with Becky’s bridal shower menu. On the tables there were also cookies the shape of bras, underwear, and corsets.

The delicious pin-up themed cake, which reads, “A Shower of Kisses for the soon to be Mrs.”

The bridal shower games (some with adult content):

1. Give a list with each letter of the alphabet and have guests’ writes naughty words starting with each letter. Time game.

2. Group guests into teams. Give each girl a banana and a condom. Have each girl peel the banana. Squeeze lotion onto one of the girl’s hand. Now the game begins…the first girl puts the condom on the banana then takes it off. Then it’s the next girls turn. When the last girl is done she has to scream, “I just came!”

 3. Guess what is in the bride-to-be’s purse on paper.

 4. Have a wreath on the outside of the entrance door. The guests have to guess what items were on the wreath.

I won the last contest. I had more correct guesses on what was on the wreath. My prize was a fun pin-up kit, which included earrings, a compact mirror, red nail polish, red lipstick, a nail file, and an adorable red sequence jewelry box with a high heel shoe on top.

For the bridal shower favors we got a cupcake mix in a box. The box said, It’s all about you, cupcake!” What a cute and clever party favor for a pin-up themed bridal shower party and it was the perfect final touch since we were invited with a recipe themed invitation.

If you’re throwing a bridal shower party, soon or in the near future, I hope this gives you some ideas!

May 12, 2013

Mother’s Day Frame

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful and wonderful mothers out there. I can’t wait to someday be among you and be called a Mama! Today, I’ll be spending some quality time with my mom and I can’t wait to see her reaction when she sees the gift I made for her.

I embroidered flower print scrapbook paper and glued it to a frame. I inserted a great picture of us my friend Amanda took at my Frida themed birthday party. The scrapbook paper does a good job blending in with the tissue paper flowers on the background of the picture.

When I get a chance, I’ll be making myself a frame too. That way we’ll both have a matching set.
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