February 16, 2013

I’m Getting Ready For My Party

I really am getting ready for my party today, with a unibrow and all. My “Celebrate Life Frida Kahlo style” party that is! I’ve been wanting to through this party for a very long time. I wanted to have it for my 30th birthday last year but since I was taking a fulltime Phlebotomy class I couldn’t. The whole planning process has been very enjoyable and I can’t wait to celebrate with family and family with some Mexican food, Margaritas, Mexican Bingo, painting, a Frida Kahlo costume contest, and mucho mucho mas (lots more)!

And you’re invited to the party too! Well, more like an after party. I’ll be posting tutorials, recipes, links to helpful websites and blogs, and pictures of the party throughout this week. Hopefully, it will make you feel like you were there celebrating with me. To spice things up, I’ll have a contest too. You’ll need to freshen up on your Frida Kahlo though.

Off I go. My guests are due to arrive soon!


  1. Happy Belated birthday Lizette! I have been out of touch with the internet lately, but I hope you're having a great party!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Emily! My party was great!


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