February 25, 2013

DIY Mini Piñata Candy Jar

The weather was going to be cold outside; it wasn’t a kid’s party though others can say otherwise, and I wanted Mexican candy for my “Celebrate Life Frida Kahlo style” birthday party and making mini piñata candy jars instead of purchasing a big piñata was the perfect solution.

Save a piñata and make a candy jar. The piñata will be glad, for other reasons, and so will you!

Supplies: Empty sauce jars, green scrubber sponge, spray paint, cardstock/cereal box, masking tape, craft glue, paintbrush, scissors, pencil, assortment of colorful tissue paper, glue gun, and candy of your choice.

Dale 1 (Dale means hit in English. Dale comes from the Mexican song the crowd sings while someone is hitting the piñata): Wash the sauce jars out and use a green scrubber sponge to remove the sticking glue left on the jar from the jar label.

Dale 2: Spray paint the lids. My firefighter spray-painted mine. I’m a bad spray painter.

Dale 3: Make your mini piñatas. I can’t take credit for this step. I used CampFire Chic blog and Oh Happy Day blog to help me make the mini piñatas. Make your piñatas your own. I added googly eyes and a hemp saddle to my donkeys.

Dale 4: Glue mini piñata onto jar lid with your hot glue gun.

Dale 5: Put candy in jars. You know you’ll have a candy while stuffing the jars. I did.

Mini piñata candy jars also make great centerpieces and the perfect party in a jar to give as a birthday gift with the recipient's favorite candy.

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  1. What a cool idea! I love those de la rosa candies. They are some of my favorites!


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