June 29, 2013

Off With Her Hair!

Seventeen inches! Seventeen inches of my hair got cut off on Thursday and will be donated to Locks for Love. Last time I had my hair short was in 2004 and it was my first quarter at Cal State University of San Bernardino. I’m still trying to get use to it since it’s a drastic change but it’s perfect for this hot weather. My fireman likes my new do. Yesterday as he left for work he told me that I better get going, as I lay in bed, because his wife will be home soon. That man of mine cracks me up.

June 26, 2013

Hair Tutorial: Shy Pigtails

Here’s another fun hair tutorial, that I call the shy pigtails. I love this look and it’s so easy to do. It makes my hair look short. Once again, the video is not the best quality since I recorded it on my Kodak EasyShare C875 camera. It’s a very old camera. I think it's time for me to start saving my pennies and get a new one. For now, it does the job.

In the video, my shy pigtails are closer to my head because I made the knot as close to my head as possible. To achieve the look like in the picture above, knot your pigtails a little lower.

June 22, 2013

Hair Tutorial: Roping The Ponytail

This is my first hair tutorial. It’s not perfect but I hope you like it. I recorded it on my camera.

Update: Added my video to YouTube; now you can watch the video from beginning to end. 

June 11, 2013

Salad Card To Go

As some of you may already know, I work at a movie theater. I’ve been at my building for 4 years but with Cinemark Company for a total of 9. Just like any job you work at for a long period of time, people tend to come and go. My favorite reasons for employees having to leave is when they are trying to better themselves, either new job, going to college, having children… Oh wait, that’s the reason I hope to use someday. However, no matter their reason, I try to make he/she a special going away card that reflects their new journey or based on the things they like.

Currently, another bird flew the coup. Stacey had been employed at the theater since it opened. Stacey loves to eat healthy and 99% of the time brought a salad to eat at work. For a while, she even sold organic salads to the staff. Stacey knew my ritual of making special cards and she even told a manager she had a feeling she was going to get a salad card. And, that’s exactly what she received – Stacey’s 100% Organic Salad To Go card.

I cut out shredded cheese, cut tomatoes, slice mushrooms, lettuce, and even anchovies (one day the trashcan closest to the break room smelled like anchovies for a day) out of construction paper. I had the employees’ write their farewell wishes on them and got them laminated. I cut the laminated salad ingredients out and put them in a clear protective bag. Like the ones used when you purchase a fancy card. The salad label I created said, “Stacey’s 100% Organic Salad” and the tail of the letter y was used as a road for 4 salad pieces to run on, with the last runner saying, “To Go!” I drew the label on sticker paper.

Stacey really liked her card because salads are a part of who she is. 100% organic salads to be exact and that’s one of the qualities we will always remember her for.

June 4, 2013

The Big Wedding Embroidery Hoop

I made a 12 inch custom embroidery hoop as a wedding gift for my friends, Kevin and Becky. I told Becky I would embroider any saying she would like. Kevin has children from a previous marriage and Becky the wonderful step mom she is wanted her hoop to say, “Today we became a Family.” Her choice of words were perfect for what her wedding date would signify, not only to her and Kevin but the children too. Becky treats the kids like they’re her own.

Making this wedding gift brought me some challenges. One, I had never worked on a hoop this large. Secondly, embroidering on burlap was a new material I hadn’t embroidered on before. Lastly, I tried out a new stitch, stem stitch. I chose to use burlap and lace to reflect the theme of the wedding.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete the hoop by the wedding date. I wanted it to be displayed at the wedding reception but I didn’t master the stem stitch until I got to family. I seamed ripped the other words and re-stitched them. I knew this gift would be greatly cherished. I wanted it to look professionally made and stitched with love.

I gave Becky her custom hoop on Sunday and she loved it! It almost made her cry.
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