June 4, 2013

The Big Wedding Embroidery Hoop

I made a 12 inch custom embroidery hoop as a wedding gift for my friends, Kevin and Becky. I told Becky I would embroider any saying she would like. Kevin has children from a previous marriage and Becky the wonderful step mom she is wanted her hoop to say, “Today we became a Family.” Her choice of words were perfect for what her wedding date would signify, not only to her and Kevin but the children too. Becky treats the kids like they’re her own.

Making this wedding gift brought me some challenges. One, I had never worked on a hoop this large. Secondly, embroidering on burlap was a new material I hadn’t embroidered on before. Lastly, I tried out a new stitch, stem stitch. I chose to use burlap and lace to reflect the theme of the wedding.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete the hoop by the wedding date. I wanted it to be displayed at the wedding reception but I didn’t master the stem stitch until I got to family. I seamed ripped the other words and re-stitched them. I knew this gift would be greatly cherished. I wanted it to look professionally made and stitched with love.

I gave Becky her custom hoop on Sunday and she loved it! It almost made her cry.

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