January 8, 2014

This Girl Is Going To Be A Mommy!

I never knew exactly what I wanted to do for a career but one thing I was always sure of was that I wanted to be a mother. I have fought, I have prayed, and I have shed many tears to one day get the chance to become one. When my firefighter and I finally decided to try for kids I was on cloud 9 but after being on the pill for years and trying for almost a year to get pregnant the fear of never becoming a mother crept in. I prayed to God and the Virgin Mary to let me be a mother. Then my prayers changed to “I’ll be more patient. You already have my life planned for me and you know the right time for me to become pregnant.” I came to accept that it wasn’t my time to be a mother and extended the age to 35 as not being too old to be one. I’m 31 now.

When I was a week late in November, I didn’t think much of it. In late 2012, I went 3 months without my period and with many tests taken with negative results being pregnant was not what I was thinking. My boobs had been sensitive and they sometimes get that way before my period. I thought I would get my period any day. So, when I told my firefighter I was going to buy some pregnancy tests just in case and if he wanted me to wait until he got home to take it he said, “no”. He didn’t think I was pregnant either.

On, Saturday, November 16 after work I stopped by the 99-cent store to buy 2 pregnancy tests. I didn’t want to buy an expensive pregnancy test for another negative result and family and friends told me 99-cent’s tests actually work. I’ve purchased many of them from there. I took a test in the master bathroom, with the door open, and Belle watching me pee in a cup. After placing droplets on the test stick the first line, of two, appeared so quickly I wasn’t sure I was holding the stick right. Then the second line quickly appeared too. (The second line is the one I’m so familiar with). I couldn’t believe it! I had to compare the stick to the box just to make sure I was reading it correctly. Expecting one more negative that day, this one was quite a shock.

I always planned I would tell my firefighter we’re pregnant in a special memorable way. That didn’t happen. I was too excited to keep the wonderful news to myself. I ran out of the bathroom, asking Belle, “Where’s my phone? We have to tell Daddy I’m pregnant! I took a picture with my cell phone of the positive stick with a message that said, “Really?!” My firefighter couldn't believe it either; he was as thrilled as I was.

The next morning my firefighter text me this, “Thank you so much beautiful for the start of our family. I couldn’t sleep last night and it wasn’t because I was scared or worried but I’m honestly excited about everything. Love the three (he means Belle, the baby, and me) of you!

I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant and happy as can be!
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