September 30, 2012

Completed Project: Embroidered Notebook

When it’s my turn to host book club, I like to include a craft project for my Bookies (my book club members) to do, other than reading the book I choose. My craft project was to decorate a notebook. Christi, my friend and a fellow Bookie, inspired the idea, after seeing all the wonderful notebooks she decorated for our craft show in September. If you click here you’ll see in the pictures some of the notebooks she made on a table. When decorating my notebook, I first wanted to cover it with an old pair of jeans and include pockets to insert pencils. When I started looking at the jeans and thinking of all the work it would entail I changed my mind. Instead, I took out some of my old Urban Outfitters catalogs from years ago. Note: this drives my fireman crazy because I have so many magazines I never use. I keep them because I know one day I will use them. Like this! I love Urban Outfitters’ photographers because they have an artistic yet elegant way of taking pictures of their products, using color filters, over lapping, and other cool techniques photographers use to make photos look different.

Many pages catch my eye, the one I used for this notebook in particular. It literally spoke to me. “Life is a quilt. Each day a unique square but together they fit perfectly,” it said. I’m not sure if the saying makes sense. I don’t consider myself a poet of words; I express myself more through my artwork. Plus, my grammar, sentence structure… my writing skills in general aren’t great. Thank goodness for spell check. I embroidered the saying on the page. I thought to myself, “What would I use this notebook for?” It would be my journal and those words would be what I would want to read before I meet my pencil to those pages inside, to write about my square, my day that day. To remind me no one day in my life is going to be the same as the other. Each day is completely different, unique, even if slightly. Though some days will be good, bad, and the ones in between. We sometimes think, life sucks; life is joyful (I hope to experience more of those days), etc. Life is life. Before I would wish some of the days I’ve lived would have been different. I now think…I wouldn’t change a thing. This is my life. My squares have molded me to the person I’m becoming, the person I am! Yes, “Life is a quilt. Each day a unique square but together they fit perfectly.” Together they make my life; they make me! I want this journal to remind me of that. When my days have me down or when I read this journal as an older me, I want to say, “Life wasn’t that bad.”

If you’re wondering what the confetti like squares (actually tissue paper) mean on the notebook, they’re my future squares waiting to be sewn, I mean lived. I covered the inside of the notebook with pages from Urban Outfitters’ catalog pages too and the back with blue cardstock paper.

I can’t wait to see how The Bookies decorate their notebooks. I will take pictures of their notebooks to share with you.

September 28, 2012

DIY Leaf Garland

Welcome Fall into your home by decorating it with a leaf garland.

Supplies: Sewing machine, fake leafs ($1.00 per bag at Target), and brown thread.

Leaf 1: Arrangement your leaves to see in what order you will be sewing them. I laid my leaves on the trim of my towel, that I use to protect my table when I sew.

Leaf 2: With a pencil, marked each leaf to see where you will be sewing it. I marked my leaves in different levels, some on top, in the middle, and others sideways.

Leaf 3: Before you begin to sew your leaves, made sure to leave extra thread for hanging. You will need to leave extra thread at the end of your garland too.

Leaf 4: Sew your leaves. Overlap and leave gaps between your leaves, to give it a natural look.

Leaf 5: Hang your leaves as you wish and where you wish. You’ll love the way your leaf garland moves when the fan is on.

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September 24, 2012

Who me? Nominated? For Liebster Award!

(Click on my surprised face to learn how to do this fun rollover)

I don’t know what to say! I’m honored to have been nominated by Amy, from Pictures and Pillow blog, to take part in the Liebster Award. I’ll like to thank…

What is the Liebster award you ask? The Liebster Award is a way for people to discover new bloggers who don’t have a big following, less than 200 followers; however, are still as awesome as other blogs.  

The individual nominated/tagged writes 11 things about themselves and then answers 11 questions from the blogger who nominated them. To keep the cycle going, the nominated blogger chooses other bloggers, with less than 200 followers, that they recommend and writes 11 of their own questions for them to answer. It’s all about getting to know the individuals’ behind blogs.

 Eleven things about me:

1. I work at a movie theatre but I rather watch movies at home, even though I get to watch movies for free.
2. I’m in a book club.
3. My best physical attribute is my smile. It causes a chain reaction for others to smile.
4. I enjoy doing craft swaps because I meet other artists around the world.
5. Hippos are my favorite animal.
6. My favorite holiday is The Day of the Dead, though I love Halloween too.
7. I can’t wait to be a mother.
8. I want to write a book some day.
9. Currently, addicted to cross-stitching and embroidery.
10. I have a degree in graphic design and marketing.
11. I dance when no one is watching; usually when I’m getting ready for work and a song I love is on.

Answers to Pillows and Pictures:

1. What drove you to start your blog? 
I first started reading blogs, like Oh My Deer!, and I enjoy their crafts ideas, accomplishments, their journey through life, etc. They were individuals willing to share their lives with the world. I felt connected to these people, having things in common. I wanted to be a part of it. Hence, I started a blog. It’s become more of a dairy of things I love to do and my reader’s hold the key. Plus, I’ve met wonderful people from around the world I probably would have never met.

2. What is your favorite TV show? 
I don’t watch TV much but when I do, I like watching forensic and criminal shows like Bones, Deadly Women, and 30/30. In a previous life, I think I helped solve crimes.

3. Who is your favorite actor/actress?
I really don’t have one; however, when Denzel Washington is in a movie I know it’s going to be a good one.

4. Mornings or evenings?
Depends. Mornings for natural light for taking picture. Evenings for doing crafts way into the night when I don’t have to work the next day. Mornings, if I really need to choose.

5. What is your favorite type/style of jewelery?
I like unique pieces. I made myself a necklace out of a vintage tie recently. I mostly wear brooches. I collect vintage flower brooches.

6.What is your favorite craft?
I love everything! I’m constantly trying to learn a new craft. I like using different mediums in my artwork. I overwhelm my brain with so much I want to do, create, and learn with not enough time to do it all. I have a silkscreen kit, paper making kit, and photo light kit that has been sitting for years and I currently purchased a wood burning it. I make jewelry, I do printmaking, and I self-taught myself to sew, cross-stitch, and crochet. I could go on and I still want to know how to do more.

7. If you could only eat the food from one country for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Wow, that’s a hard one. The country of Buffet. Get it? 

8: What is your fondest memory from when you were a child?
I was actually thinking of one yesterday. My uncle Andrew and I were watching Disney’s Cinderella and we were coloring a drawing he had drawn for me of Jaq and Gus, Cinderella’s mouse friends. He died when I was a kid. How I wish we had shared more wonderful memories together. I miss him so much.

9. Cats or dogs?
Dogs! I’ve always been more of a dog person than a cat person.

10. Do you have any pets?
I have an Austrian Shepard and Collie mix dog, named Belle. She has one blue eye and one brown eye. Then, there’s Sushi, our gold fish. Who will probably live forever! We have had her for almost over three years; the longest living fish I’ve ever had.

11. What would your dream job be? 
My dream job is to own a craft shop. Sell craft supplies, offer art classes for kids, and have an after school art center in my craft shop. Share my love for being creative to others!

I nominate:

My questions for them:
1. What’s the story behind your blog’s name?
2. What regular themed post do you have on your blog?
3. What post is currently your most popular?
4. What’s your favorite animal?
5. What is your artistic talent?
6. What goals are you working on?
7. What’s your favorite thing to do on your days of off work?
8. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy?
9. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
10. Who’s your favorite artist?
11. What book are you reading, if any?

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September 18, 2012

DIY Psycho Shower Scene Costume

Here's another guest post I did last year for Paper Sparrow. This time it was...Yes, you guessed it, an Alfred Hitchcock themed blog party. For those looking for a unique Halloween costume or some inspiration for the Halloween Costume Swap, I hope this helps.

 I’ve seen two of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, “Psycho” and “The Birds.” The scenes that stand out the most are when someone is being attacked, either by a serial killer or by, of course, birds. With Halloween a few days away, I, Lizette from Creativity Lizette, decided to share an easy way to make a Marion Crane costume inspired by the famous shower scene from “Psycho.” Viewer discretion is advised for bloodlines and extreme creativeness!

Supplies: White towel with trim, shower cap, alphabet stamps, black Speedball Oil-Based Printing Ink/fabric paint, red wall paint, paintbrushes, plastic toy knife, exacto knife, E-6000 glue, and stick on Velcro.

Stab 1: Wrap white towel around you and look in the mirror to see where you would like to stamp the words Bates Motel. Lay stamps on trim of towel and beginning stamping. Let towel dry.

Stab 2: Painting time. Lay towel and shower cap on floor somewhere where Mother won’t get mad if you make a mess. To make bloody hand prints paint hand with paintbrush, stamp hand on towel, and slide hand off the towel. Stamp one hand at a time to keep a clean hand free. To make blood splatter marks dip paintbrush in red paint and pull brush hairs towards you. Some fingers will have paint on them. Use the painted fingers to paint all the edges of the towel. Before you wash your paintbrush use it to brush on light blood marks. Let towel dry.

Stab 3: Very carefully, cut handle off plastic toy knife with an exacto knife. Glue knife handle where desired.

Stab 4: Add three sticking pieces of Velcro on the top of the towel. Velcro both sides of the towel near the armpits and Velcro the middle. We don’t want the towel falling off.

Stab 5: Put on your shower cap and bloody Bates Motel towel and be thrilled that you survived another Halloween without spending big bucks on a costume!

I hope you like this easy D.I.Y. costume and don’t be afraid to take a stab at it!
 Also, don't forget to sign up for the Jack Oh! Lantern necklace giveaway!

September 16, 2012

Jack Oh! Lantern Necklace Giveaway

The talented Emily, from The Morose Bee blog and shop, made this cool Jack O’Lantern necklace. The necklace was the inspiration for the design of the Halloween Costume Swap banner. In honor of the Halloween Costume Swap, I am giving one Jack Oh! Lantern, Oh! because the concept is so clever, necklace to one lucky winner. The necklace will come with a black Sharpie marker so you can draw your own face on it. Sharpie ink wipes off easily with Windex.

To enter you must follow my blog, Creativity Lizette, with Google Friend Connect and let me know what is your favorite thing about Halloween in a comment. This counts as two entries, comment on them separately.

For extra entries see below and comment about it. One comment for each entry and leave your email, in case you’re the lucky winner!
- Follow The Morose Bee blog
- Go to the The Morose Bee shop and choose your favorite item
- You’re a part of the Halloween Costume Swap 
- Blog about it and leave a link

Giveaway ends October 1st.

This Jack Oh! Lantern necklace beats the messiness of carving a real pumpkin and it won’t rot in a couple of days. It lives year round!

Good Luck!

September 15, 2012

DIY "Let's talk over Tea" Brooch

Last year, I did this guest post tutorial for a blog friend, Paper Sparrow, who was hosting a Tim Burton blog party. With the Halloween Costume Swap sign ups over and creative minds on over drive, I thought this tutorial would be a perfect example of what an accessory could look like for a Halloween costume.  Hopefully, this tutorial gives you some inspiration and ideas.

When you think of tea parties, what comes to mind? For me, it’s the Alice in Wonderland tea party scene. For those who love tea, I made a D.I.Y. “Let’s talk over Tea” brooch with steam coming out of it! So, grab your tea and let’s begin!

Supplies: teacup stamp, Speedball Oil-Based Block Printing Ink/fabric paint, 26 Ga. wire (thin wire), scissors, thread (light brown for the tea and another color to match your fabric), needle, felt, pencil, pen, pin-back, plastic bag or stuffing.

Sip 1: Stamp teacup onto fabric. Note: I carved my stamp out of linoleum.

Sip 2: Shape wire to look like steam. Wrap tip of wire around a pen to get a curved end. Use a single piece of long wire to create steam; this will make the next step easier.

Sip 3: Position steam on opening of teacup and sew it on with brown colored thread. 3 strands of thread.

Sip 4: Use a backstitch to create the tea in the cup with the brown thread, working in a circular motion. Don’t forget to stitch over the stitches that hold the wire in place. 6 strands of thread.

Sip 5: Place the teacup on a window with the image facing the window. Trace the teacup with a pencil, leaving a small gap around. Use outline to cut the teacup out.

Sip 6: Trace teacup on the felt with pen and cut felt out.

Sip 7: Sew pin-back on the back of the felt. How to hind pin-back click here.

Sip 8: Using a blanket stitch, sew together teacup and felt with thread that matches your stamped fabric. 1 strand of thread. Don’t sew the two pieces together all the way. You’ll need to leave some room in the end to insert the stuffing.

Sip 9: Stuff teacup brooch with a plastic bag (recycle) or cotton stuffing. Finish sewing teacup and felt shut.

Sip 10: Wear your brooch proudly and grab another cup of tea!

September 14, 2012

Like Kids at the Circus

My favorite thing about my vacation with my fireman, other than spending time with him, which we don’t get to do much, (oh, the life of a fire wife) was going to watch Iris from the Cirque du Soleil show at the Dolby theatre, in Los Angeles.

We got the tickets from my boss who wouldn’t be able to make the show. We had orchestra seats, best seats ever! Row G, end seats. My fireman and I had never sat that close to the stage at a show before. We were ecstatic of course.

Before the show started, actors from the show were interacting with the audience. The woman with the old film reel skirt, a man with hair so long that he used it as a whip, and one of my favorite Gloria. Gloria, a tall woman with red long hair that stood straight up in a braid, curvaceous body, wearing a purple with green polka dot dress, and extremely friendly.

Gloria’s interaction with the audience was memorable. As she walked up the row in front of us, she stuck out her big butt causing it to be in people’s faces. She then sat in an empty seat and introduces herself to the gentlemen next to her.

“Hello, I’m Gloria.”

“I’m Bill.”

“Bill, that’s a beautiful name! I have something for you Bill,” as she takes out a head shot picture of herself from her bra.

He shows Gloria his wedding ring and says, “This is my wife.”

Gloria sits on the gentlemen’s lap as she introduces herself to the man’s wife and asks them what they would like her to write on the photo while she rubs her chest against the man.

The audience that can see this can’t stop laughing.

The wife says, “Write affectionately Gloria.” 

Gloria does, as she continues rubbing herself against the man who is now as red as a tomato.

From the beginning until the end of the show, my fireman and I were like little kids at a circus. At times there were so many awesome acts happening around us that we didn’t know where to look.  I covered my mouth in amazement at what these body contortionists could do. Once my fireman had to tell me to look in a different direction so I wouldn’t miss a man throwing a broom in the air as he did tricks with it.


From all the shows I have attended, Iris from Cirque du Soleil show is so far my favorite. My fireman and I hope to go again soon or maybe go see the one in Las Vegas for the holidays.

Like always, I got a pin for my shadow box.  This time I got it before the show because I knew the souvenir shop would be busy when the show was over. My small but inexpensive souvenir to remember the wonderful night I was about to experience. Pin was $10.

Inspired by the show, I made this drawing of the women with the spinning old film reel skirt for my boss. I send it to her with a thank you letter for giving me the tickets and for giving us something fun and memorable for my fireman and I to do for our vacation.

September 11, 2012

"Rest," said the Body

As much as I hate getting sick, I like the idea that I have to force myself to rest and relax. We are always on our feet, doing our daily routine, checking off our lists, and never taking a break to really stop to smell the roses like they say, whoever they are. I’m sick today, with the cold. I’m having cheddar potato soap (on my third bowl), drinking lots of liquids, watching Netflix, and avoiding the unnecessary duties of my daily life. No washing dishes or making the bed (I’m still in it). Belle gets the pleasure of joining me in bed since there will be no playing time. I’m listening to my body today, giving that shell of mine a rest.

September 10, 2012

What are you going to be for Halloween?

For Halloween, I’m going to be a bumblebee. I’m just dieing to try a 60’s beehive hairstyle.

Do you know what you are going to be for Halloween? Well, why don’t you sign up for the Halloween Swap and get some help with your costume. Today is the last day to sign up for the Halloween Costume Swap. Click here for more information and to learn how to sign up. Stop buzzing around and get to it!

September 6, 2012

Royalty for the Night

My fireman and I took a short two-week vacation, a staycation more like it, since we just stayed home and ventured places near home. One night we attended a dinner and tournament at Medieval Times in Buena Park, California.

I’m always trying to save a few bucks and I found a code online and was able to get a free admission with the purchase of 1 admission. It was a birthday code. It wasn’t my fireman’s or mine birthday; I purchased the tickets on-line, and was never asked if it was our birthday at the entrance door.

My fireman and I enjoyed our night at Medieval Times. We’ve attended the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure located on the same street as Medieval Times and we actually had a better time at Medieval Times. All the employees at Medieval Times were very friendly. As we waited in the lobby for the tournament to start we took some pictures and got some spirits, drinks. I asked a cast member, a night, if I could take a picture with him. He spoke to me like I was real royalty and kissed my hand twice! Yes I was blushing.

At the bar we got some spirits in souvenir cups. I got a margarita; the drinks were $10 a piece. I asked the lady at the bar if she would take a picture of us and she said she would as long as my fireman wore this crown. I loved it when she said that because my fireman was avoiding wearing his crown all night.

At dinner, we were served a big meal while the tournament began. The menu consisted of tomato soup, half of a chicken, a BBQ rib, two big potato wedges, and a pop tart type of dessert. They even have a vegetarian menu if you don’t eat meat. It wasn’t the best meal ever but it was good. My favorite part of the tournament was the horses performing. As the tournament concluded, my fireman went to the ATM to get a tip for our friendly server. When he returned, he surprised me with a pin. I like to collect pins from places I visit.

If you are ever near Buena Park, I would highly recommend Medieval Times because they do treat you like royalty!

September 3, 2012

My First Craft Show

Yuppie! I finally got to participate in my first craft show on Friday, August 17th. My friend, Amanda, and her mom were nice enough to invite me to share a table with them at their church’s, High Desert Church, Women’s event called, “Out of the Dust.” It was an African themed event, with a craft show, African food, photo props, African music and performances, and Jennie Allen - the guest speaker. Though the event was African themed, our items for the craft show didn’t have to be. The majority of mine were. I’m gradually updating my Etsy shop with extra items from the craft show. Click here to check them out!

This was our first craft show and between all three of us we created lots of goodies to sell, but too many to display on one table, which we realized while making a test display a few days before the show. Luckily, the church was able to provide us with an extra table the day of.

Good thing Amanda and I got to the church early the day of the event to prepare our tables in the church’s gym because I few hours later it started pouring rain. We didn’t have to bring our things in the poring rain, but we did have to run around town looking for a tablecloth for the extra table provided. I was wearing paige shorts that day.


There were many people at the event, many people loved my items, but not accepting credit cards comes as a disadvantage. All in all, I had a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every minute of the craft show and all the great African events High Desert Church provided. I can’t wait to do it again!

Many thanks to Debbie who made me the monkey name tag and small banner, which matches my blog banner above, for the craft show.  Debbie takes custom order too. Check out her Etsy shop here!

September 1, 2012

Halloween Costume Swap

Once again, I have teamed up with my wonderful blog friend Emily from The Morose Bee to bring you another awesome swap - a Halloween Costume Swap!

How It Works:
You'll be paired up with a partner. You'll email your partner what you would like to be for Halloween and your address. You'll make your partner something, wearable or non-wearable, that your partner can use as part of their Halloween costume. Like always, you can include any extra goodies. Some examples of wearable items are accessories like a headband, jewelry, or a purse/tote. A t-shirt with a design on it is another good idea of a wearable item. Some examples of non-wearable items are a frame or scrapbook inspired by your partners costume so they can put pictures of themselves dressed up. A drawing of your partner in their Halloween costume is another example of a non-wearable item.

Must relate to your partners costume but does not need to be wearable although wearable is preferred.
Can be in any medium/material.
Must sign up by September 10 by emailing me at creativitylizette(at)yahoo(dot)com.
Will be contacted with your match by Sept 14.
Must have contacted partners by September 20th.
Must mail out items by October 14.

Any questions feel free to contact Emily or myself.

What are you waiting for silly, sign up!

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