September 6, 2012

Royalty for the Night

My fireman and I took a short two-week vacation, a staycation more like it, since we just stayed home and ventured places near home. One night we attended a dinner and tournament at Medieval Times in Buena Park, California.

I’m always trying to save a few bucks and I found a code online and was able to get a free admission with the purchase of 1 admission. It was a birthday code. It wasn’t my fireman’s or mine birthday; I purchased the tickets on-line, and was never asked if it was our birthday at the entrance door.

My fireman and I enjoyed our night at Medieval Times. We’ve attended the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure located on the same street as Medieval Times and we actually had a better time at Medieval Times. All the employees at Medieval Times were very friendly. As we waited in the lobby for the tournament to start we took some pictures and got some spirits, drinks. I asked a cast member, a night, if I could take a picture with him. He spoke to me like I was real royalty and kissed my hand twice! Yes I was blushing.

At the bar we got some spirits in souvenir cups. I got a margarita; the drinks were $10 a piece. I asked the lady at the bar if she would take a picture of us and she said she would as long as my fireman wore this crown. I loved it when she said that because my fireman was avoiding wearing his crown all night.

At dinner, we were served a big meal while the tournament began. The menu consisted of tomato soup, half of a chicken, a BBQ rib, two big potato wedges, and a pop tart type of dessert. They even have a vegetarian menu if you don’t eat meat. It wasn’t the best meal ever but it was good. My favorite part of the tournament was the horses performing. As the tournament concluded, my fireman went to the ATM to get a tip for our friendly server. When he returned, he surprised me with a pin. I like to collect pins from places I visit.

If you are ever near Buena Park, I would highly recommend Medieval Times because they do treat you like royalty!

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  1. The best part is screaming like a moron during the jousting!


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