September 14, 2012

Like Kids at the Circus

My favorite thing about my vacation with my fireman, other than spending time with him, which we don’t get to do much, (oh, the life of a fire wife) was going to watch Iris from the Cirque du Soleil show at the Dolby theatre, in Los Angeles.

We got the tickets from my boss who wouldn’t be able to make the show. We had orchestra seats, best seats ever! Row G, end seats. My fireman and I had never sat that close to the stage at a show before. We were ecstatic of course.

Before the show started, actors from the show were interacting with the audience. The woman with the old film reel skirt, a man with hair so long that he used it as a whip, and one of my favorite Gloria. Gloria, a tall woman with red long hair that stood straight up in a braid, curvaceous body, wearing a purple with green polka dot dress, and extremely friendly.

Gloria’s interaction with the audience was memorable. As she walked up the row in front of us, she stuck out her big butt causing it to be in people’s faces. She then sat in an empty seat and introduces herself to the gentlemen next to her.

“Hello, I’m Gloria.”

“I’m Bill.”

“Bill, that’s a beautiful name! I have something for you Bill,” as she takes out a head shot picture of herself from her bra.

He shows Gloria his wedding ring and says, “This is my wife.”

Gloria sits on the gentlemen’s lap as she introduces herself to the man’s wife and asks them what they would like her to write on the photo while she rubs her chest against the man.

The audience that can see this can’t stop laughing.

The wife says, “Write affectionately Gloria.” 

Gloria does, as she continues rubbing herself against the man who is now as red as a tomato.

From the beginning until the end of the show, my fireman and I were like little kids at a circus. At times there were so many awesome acts happening around us that we didn’t know where to look.  I covered my mouth in amazement at what these body contortionists could do. Once my fireman had to tell me to look in a different direction so I wouldn’t miss a man throwing a broom in the air as he did tricks with it.


From all the shows I have attended, Iris from Cirque du Soleil show is so far my favorite. My fireman and I hope to go again soon or maybe go see the one in Las Vegas for the holidays.

Like always, I got a pin for my shadow box.  This time I got it before the show because I knew the souvenir shop would be busy when the show was over. My small but inexpensive souvenir to remember the wonderful night I was about to experience. Pin was $10.

Inspired by the show, I made this drawing of the women with the spinning old film reel skirt for my boss. I send it to her with a thank you letter for giving me the tickets and for giving us something fun and memorable for my fireman and I to do for our vacation.

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  1. Awesome drawing!
    Sounds like a fabulous show...


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