July 20, 2016

Viva La Frida Craft Swap: The Exchange

I was thrilled when I got paired up with Jessica, from Jess My Shop, for Bee Creative Swaps' first Viva La Frida Craft Swap. Why? Because she a pro-crocheter and well... I'm not. Secretly, I was hoping for a crochet doll. And, my wish came true! The day my package from Jessica arrived I had no idea it was waiting on my front porch. Lily and I had gone to a birthday party that evening and we weren't home when the package arrived. Jessica sent me a message on Instagram asking me if I had received it, since it said on the tracking records that it arrived at its destination. When I opened my front door, the package was waiting for me. I opened it right away.

This is what I responded to Jessica when I opened it:
"OMG! I love her!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hopefully, my daughter won't steal it from me. Yes, you should be proud. You did an awesome job making her!"

What made the crochet doll even more special is that she looks like Lily's Frida handprint with the pink flowers in her hair and the blue earrings. Currently, my Frida doll or "Fiya" as Lily calls her is displayed on my fireplace.

This is what I sent Jessica a few days later after I received my package. I decorated her package.

This is what I included inside.
1. The Frida Kahlo shadow box inspired by Frida and La Casa Azul. You can see my progress pictures on how I made the box here.
2. A Frida Kahlo enamel pin by Mexiconsart
3. A flower made out of tissue paper, made to match the flowers on the enamel pin.

This is what Jessica wrote on Instagram about what she received:
"Yay! I received a lovely swap item from my #vivalafrida craft swap!! I can't wait to rock my pin and put up my lovely shadow box!! Truly all of these items are wonderful!! She painted everything by land! Thank you @creativitylizette for a great swap!!"

This was an awesome swap exchange! It has been wonderful seeing what the other swappers have received. Artists working with different art mediums and inspired by one artists! To see what Emily made for her swap partner, check out her blog here!

July 6, 2016

Frida Kahlo Shadow Box Progress Pictures

Today is a very special day; it's Frida Kahlo's birthday!! Happy Happy 109th Birthday Frida Kahlo! Today, we celebrate your birthday the way Emily and I intended to, with artwork and purchased goods currently being transported to your fans by mail and people opening gifts that you inspired. Viva La Frida Craft Swap was our birthday gift to you! You hold a very special place in our hearts and hope to make Viva La Frida Craft Swap a tradition. Today, I will have a trago/drink in your honor and I will toast and say loudly, "Viva La Frida!"

This craft swap is by far one of my favorites because it has to do with Frida Kahlo. Also because I learned so much more about Frida and made a new friend through this swap, my swap partner Jessica. I had many ideas on what to make for Jessica but I settled on the shadow box idea because she didn't have a favorite Frida Kahlo quote. I wanted to incorporate as much of Frida Kahlo into the shadow box, included a quote that describe Frida perfectly, and use Jessica's favorite colors - teal and yellow. The shadow box became a small yet simple replica of Frida's Casa Azul.

I first sketched out my idea.

I painted the shadow box to match the colors of La Casa Azul. I actually painted two shadow boxes, one for Jessica and one for myself. The difference between the boxes is that Jessica's box is teal. I kept the red trim on both boxes. Both boxes were then sealed. The shadow box shown above is mine.

I went on Pinterest and found some Frida Kahlo coloring pages. I copied them and sized them in Photoshop. I printed them out and hand painted each portrait to match Frida's original paintings. This part was the most time consuming. After I was done, I didn't want to paint another leaf for a very long time. 

I've always wanted to paint a Frida peg doll. The peg doll's outfit is inspired by one of Frida's actual Mexican outfits displayed in a museum. I used embroidery thread for the braided hair and flower. Since, I didn't add the paint palette to the shadow box, I painted the Frida peg doll holding a paint brush and a paint palette. Painting the peg doll was my favorite part. Lily even played with her for a bit and kept calling her "Fida." Those are Lily's crayons in the picture. 

I glued the Frida peg doll inside the frame. I painted a piece of card stock yellow for the background. Not only is yellow one of Jessica's favorite colors but there is some brivant yellows and blues in Frida's kitchen in La Casa Azul. I cut three little frames, using shiny gold scrapbooking paper and an exacto-knife, for each hand painted portrait. I glued the frames on top of the portraits and used dimensional tape to tape them onto the yellow paper. I freehanded the quote on the paper using an oil base paint pen. I thought the quote written fit the feel of the shadow box perfectly since the subjects in the paintings are Frida and she is alone in the shadow box. 

I inserted the paper in the back of the shadow box and it was complete!
I absolutely love the way the shadow box turned out and look forward to one day finishing mine.  

A few Viva La Frida Craft Swap swapper have already received their swap gifts and I am thrilled to see all the wonderful work that has been created for this swap. And, that's not even all of it. It makes my heart happy (Frida, I hope it makes your heart happy too). To keep the Frida party going, head over to The Morose Bee for some more Frida Kahlo celebration! 
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