July 20, 2016

Viva La Frida Craft Swap: The Exchange

I was thrilled when I got paired up with Jessica, from Jess My Shop, for Bee Creative Swaps' first Viva La Frida Craft Swap. Why? Because she a pro-crocheter and well... I'm not. Secretly, I was hoping for a crochet doll. And, my wish came true! The day my package from Jessica arrived I had no idea it was waiting on my front porch. Lily and I had gone to a birthday party that evening and we weren't home when the package arrived. Jessica sent me a message on Instagram asking me if I had received it, since it said on the tracking records that it arrived at its destination. When I opened my front door, the package was waiting for me. I opened it right away.

This is what I responded to Jessica when I opened it:
"OMG! I love her!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hopefully, my daughter won't steal it from me. Yes, you should be proud. You did an awesome job making her!"

What made the crochet doll even more special is that she looks like Lily's Frida handprint with the pink flowers in her hair and the blue earrings. Currently, my Frida doll or "Fiya" as Lily calls her is displayed on my fireplace.

This is what I sent Jessica a few days later after I received my package. I decorated her package.

This is what I included inside.
1. The Frida Kahlo shadow box inspired by Frida and La Casa Azul. You can see my progress pictures on how I made the box here.
2. A Frida Kahlo enamel pin by Mexiconsart
3. A flower made out of tissue paper, made to match the flowers on the enamel pin.

This is what Jessica wrote on Instagram about what she received:
"Yay! I received a lovely swap item from my #vivalafrida craft swap!! I can't wait to rock my pin and put up my lovely shadow box!! Truly all of these items are wonderful!! She painted everything by land! Thank you @creativitylizette for a great swap!!"

This was an awesome swap exchange! It has been wonderful seeing what the other swappers have received. Artists working with different art mediums and inspired by one artists! To see what Emily made for her swap partner, check out her blog here!

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