September 18, 2016

Disney Pixar Short Film Swap Part 2: Feast Magnets & Brooch

I had as much fun making the Feast inspired brooch and magnets as I did making the Winston hoop, for the #disneypixarshortfilmswap I participated in.

Here are a few photos I took while making the Winston brooch.

                                                                        My sketch. 

Coloring Winston on the shrink paper with Sharpies. 

Winston and dog bowl colored and ready to be baked.

Assembly time. I made three Boston Terriers and two bowls because I keep messing up. My first Winston rolled onto itself and got stuck while in the oven because I didn't put parchment paper over it. My husband unstuck it. Now I have an extra Winston to make myself a brooch, whenever I get around to it.

Brooch completed and so adorable!

Winston and his favorite food:
I actually didn't plan on making pearler bead magnets until I saw a Fast Food Perler Bead Kit at Michael's and realized they would go perfect with the Winston theme. Those little beads can become quite addicting. They remind me of cross stitching. A week later, I went back for more pearler beads to make the dog. 

This is what the package looked like when I shipped it. This is one of my favorite swap packages I have made and shipped. 

I'm currently signed up for three swaps, a Halloween swap with an previous swap partner, a Bee Creative Stocking Swap through Instagram, and an ornament swap. I have no idea were I find the time to be creative but it forces me to try new things and I enjoy brightening someone else's day.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my swap gift making process for the Disney Pixar short film swap.  If you want me to continue sharing progress pictures of future craft swap, let me know.

September 14, 2016

Disney Pixar Short Film Swap Part 1: Winson Hoop

Lately, I have been of participating in a few craft swaps, outside the ones from Bee Creative Swaps that I co-host. #disneypixarshortfilmswap, through Instagram, is the most current swap I completed. In this swap, I had to make a medium and small craft and include some extra goodies based on my partner's favorite Pixar shorts. Her favorite short and character is the adorable Boston Terrier dog named Winston in short Feast. As you can see from the picture below I based my whole swap package on it. I really enjoyed making the hoop, pearler bead magnets, and shrinky dink brooch all inspired by Feast. My partner got her package a few days ago and she absolutely loved everything she received and so did her dogs. I honestly wanted to keep everything for myself, but I knew they would be loved and treasured at their new home.

Here are my progress pictures of the Winston hoop I created:

My inspiration came from the Pixar short film Feast, but also from these pictures.

I always start with a sketch. 

Using my sketch as a pattern and cutting out my felt pieces. 

Embroidery work on felt dog.

Gluing the pieces together.

Working on the collar.

Gluing felt dog and collar onto hoop. 

Finished attaching dog tag to hoop. 

Sewed snack buttons (I got the buttons on BitsyNest, a shop on Etsy. Michael's use to have them but they don't stock them anymore) and glued background fabric to hoop.

Covered the back of the hoop with felt and embroidered my initials and date, which I always do, and the hashtag for the swap. 

The completed hoop!

Keep an eye out for Disney Pixar Short Film Swap Part 2 post, where I will share progress pictures of the snack food magnets and Winston brooch. 
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