September 18, 2016

Disney Pixar Short Film Swap Part 2: Feast Magnets & Brooch

I had as much fun making the Feast inspired brooch and magnets as I did making the Winston hoop, for the #disneypixarshortfilmswap I participated in.

Here are a few photos I took while making the Winston brooch.

                                                                        My sketch. 

Coloring Winston on the shrink paper with Sharpies. 

Winston and dog bowl colored and ready to be baked.

Assembly time. I made three Boston Terriers and two bowls because I keep messing up. My first Winston rolled onto itself and got stuck while in the oven because I didn't put parchment paper over it. My husband unstuck it. Now I have an extra Winston to make myself a brooch, whenever I get around to it.

Brooch completed and so adorable!

Winston and his favorite food:
I actually didn't plan on making pearler bead magnets until I saw a Fast Food Perler Bead Kit at Michael's and realized they would go perfect with the Winston theme. Those little beads can become quite addicting. They remind me of cross stitching. A week later, I went back for more pearler beads to make the dog. 

This is what the package looked like when I shipped it. This is one of my favorite swap packages I have made and shipped. 

I'm currently signed up for three swaps, a Halloween swap with an previous swap partner, a Bee Creative Stocking Swap through Instagram, and an ornament swap. I have no idea were I find the time to be creative but it forces me to try new things and I enjoy brightening someone else's day.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my swap gift making process for the Disney Pixar short film swap.  If you want me to continue sharing progress pictures of future craft swap, let me know.

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