April 14, 2017

Friday Frida Favs: Thank You Frida Swap Giveaway

Congratulation to mydarlingplanner, from Instagram, for winning Bee Creative Swap's Frida Pin Giveaway! 

The next giveaway will be the Thank You Frida Swap Giveaway. It will be held throughout the whole Viva La Frida Swap. This giveaway is open to Frida swap participants ONLY. This is another perk for joining the swap, as well as receiving discounts from six Etsy sellers from my "My Frida Wish List on Etsy 2017" post.  This giveaway is very easy to enter, since it's stuff that is already expected of you as a Viva La Frida Swap participant. To enter you must submit all your check-ins on time, without Emily or I having to contact you because you are running behind.

Below are the Instagram check-in dates:
April 15th: Mosaic Photo Check-In (due tomorrow)
May 1st: Material Check-In
May 15th: Sneak Peak Check-In
June 1st: Sneak Peak Check-In
June 15th: A photo of your boxed up items, shipping receipt, or other proof of shipment
Don't forget to use the #vivalafridaswap2017 when posting your check-ins on Instagram.

Even being one day late posting your check-ins will unfortunately disqualify you from the giveaway. This giveaway is our way of saying, "Thank you" for making our job as swap hosts a little easier. 

I have collected two Frida inspired items for this giveaway and I hope to include a little something made by yours truly. Currently, the giveaway prizes include the second Frida Kahlo pin donated by Badges by Ryan and a Viva La Vida Frida vinyl sticker from Mis Nopales Art. Both items are from Etsy sellers. I purchased the Frida sticker from Kick Stater to help with Mis Nopales Art's Frida campaign. I'm a big supporter of helping fellow artists.

I love seeing the Frida Kahlo themed mosaics posted on Instagram so far. Click here to see the mosaics posted. Of course, my favorite part will be seeing the wonderful crafts created that are inspired by Frida Kahlo.

I hope we have many entries for the Thank You Frida Swap Giveaway. Don't forget, your first check-in is due tomorrow. Good luck and happy crafting!
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