March 3, 2017

Friday Frida Favs: My Frida Wish List on Etsy 2017

Our Viva La Frida Craft Swap was a huge success last year that we, Bee Creative Swaps, decided to have it every year. This is will be our second annual Viva La Frida Swap. Click here to sign up. Emily and I will continue dedicating our individual blogs to Frida with Friday Frida Favs. 

Swappers spending budget is $25 - $30 not including shipping. We give our swappers the opinion to just purchase Frida inspired goodies if they cannot make something. We highly recommend they purchase these items from independent local businesses that support artists, like Etsy. Below are 10 Frida Kahlo items on Etsy, $15 and under, which I wish I had. I chose $15 in case someone would like to make Frida inspired art and purchase an item from Etsy too, while staying on budget. I’ll show you a perfect example of this on next week’s Friday Frida Favs.  

This item is no longer available. 

From all the clipart I saw available on Etsy, this one by Lilla Bolecz is by far my favorite. It comes with 39 Frida Kahlo inspired illustrations. It includes illustrations of butterflies, a deer, Frida, and even Diego and Frida, to name a few. There is so much you could do with this clipart. You can make stickers, put together a print with some of the illustrations and add a Frida Kahlo quote, make iron-ons, use it for shrink dinks (shrink plastic), the possibilities are endless. She also sells some awesome Frida pattern digital papers, which I absolutely adore. Click here to view. If you purchase both you could make a Frida inspired pre-made scrapbook for your partner.

These mini Frida wooden laser cuts would be great to make into earrings, making them (or even these) the perfect little extra to add to your swap partner's package.

This is a digital download tutorial to make a crochet Frida pillow. Isn’t the pillow just dreamy. Pun intended. Unfortunately, the directions are all in Spanish. Since I don’t crochet, I don’t know if that makes a difference. Does it? 

Every Frida fan needs a Frida Kahlo sticker on their laptop. I would say car but unfortunately my husband does’t share the same passion I have for Frida Kahlo. This shop has 3 more different styles of Frida decal stickers; however, this one is my favorite.

Cost: $5.46

Instagram: @afera_handmade

Everything about this pattern reminds me of Frida. She loved plants and included them in her artwork. You’ll also see skulls or skeletons in her artwork too. Frida Kahlo herself would have loved this pattern. Wouldn't the skull look great with a unibrow too!?! 

If you would like a pattern with a unibrow included, this shop also sells a pattern titled, “Frida Kahlo Cat.” Yup, you guessed it! It’s a pattern of Frida as cat with flowers on it’s head and a unibrow. All  Alifera's instant downloaded patterns are $5.46.

Frida Embroidery Kit by Sozo DIY; Cost: $12.00 
or 2 for $20 and just let the seller know at checkout.

Instagram: @sozo_pics

This is DIY Frida kit is actually one of my top favorite Frida inspired discoveries on Etsy, for this year.  I absolutely love this playful and colorful rendition of Frida Kahlo. It's an easy DIY kit that even a 6 year old can do, according to the sellers. If you get creative, there is so much you can do with this kit after it is embroidered. If you’re short on time to make something, you could always send a kit to your swap partner instead. Or, purchase two kits and keep one for yourself. 

Frida Kahlo loved Mexico so when I see these wooden laser cuts they remind me of Frida and her artwork. They make me think of Frida and Mexico. These craft pieces would make great magnets, brooches, etc. 

Last year, I got my Viva La Frida swap partner and myself an Frida enamel pin from @mexiconart. Since then I’ve decided that it would a great idea to own a Frida enamel pin for each year Emily and I host Viva La Frida swap. This Frida enamel pin from Badges By Ryan is one of my favorite on Etsy. 

I absolutely love Frida inspired fabrics and this seller carries them all. This Frida printed design titled, “Black Frida Esperanza” is a new find for me. I’ve never seen this design before. I’m hoping one day, someone surprises me with a mini Frida Kahlo quilt. 

You’re never too old to color, especially when it’s a Frida Kahlo coloring book. I love coloring. It’s very therapeutic.  

There are many more inspired Frida Kahlo items on Etsy that I could have included, that I love. Click here to see my Frida Kahlo board on Etsy. Trust me, choosing 10 was hard! I actually rewrote this post 3 times because I kept finding more Frida items I love. Luckily, here’s always next year to include the ones I didn’t and discover new ones too. Did you like any of the Etsy items I picked?  If so, which ones? What are your favorite Frida Kahlo items on Etsy? I would love to know. 

If you haven't signed up yet here's the link again, to join us for the second annual Viva La Frida Swap!

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  1. I love this wish list because I can start making my own based on it. I had no idea that I could fit this many things into one list, and I am definitely sending it to my husband so that he can see all the interesting things that are on it. Thank your or helping me make my own list.

    Lindsey @ Nosto


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