March 17, 2017

Friday Frida Favs: Frida Kahlo Enamel Pins

I become obsessed with Frida Kahlo enamel pins last year, when I purchased one for my Viva La Frida swap partner and myself. Since then, I have decided to collect a Frida Kahlo enamel pin for each year Emily and I host a Viva La Frida swap, in honor of that year's swap. While searching through Instagram using the #fridakahlo and on Etsy, I found lots of Frida Kahlo enamel pins designed by many talented artists.

One of those talented Etsy artists is Ryan, from Badges by Ryan. I featured his Frida Kahlo enamel pin on my first Friday Frida Favs post for this year, "My Frida Wish List on Etsy 2017." Ryan is a very generous person who has donated one of his awesome Frida Kahlo pins for Bee Creative Swaps to giveaway.

To enter you must:
- Be a Viva La Frida Swap participant (click here to sign up).
- Follow Bee Creative Swaps Instagram account
- Like the Frida Kahlo Pin Giveaway post on Instagram.

Extra Entries:
- Leave a comment on Bee Creative Swaps Instagram with your favorite Frida enamel pin from the ones featured below.
- Post your mosaic up early using the #vivalafridaswap2017

Contest closes April 1st.

Below are some my favorite Frida Kahlo enamel pins. Don't forget to choose your favorite Frida pin for an extra giveaway entry.

Visit our Frida Kahlo pin giveaway provider and show his Etsy shop some love!


The Found Retail:

Product Your Magic:

Which is your favorite Frida Kahlo enamel pin? Share your thoughts with us here, for a chance to win a Frida Kahlo pin. Wouldn't it be great to win and have a Frida Kahlo pin to remember your participation in this year's Viva La Frida Swap!?! 

Can't get enough Frida this Friday; stop by Emily's blog, The Morose Bee, for another dose of Friday Frida Favs. 



  1. serious question, how many of these can I buy until I have TOO MANY Friday pins?

    1. You could never have too many Frida Kahlo pins! Never! Honesty, I would go crazy Frida Kahlo pin collecting if I could. But I can't and that's why I'm trying to control myself and only get one each year. I'm so tempted on getting two though, since The Happy Skull Studio pin is half off right now.

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