September 15, 2012

DIY "Let's talk over Tea" Brooch

Last year, I did this guest post tutorial for a blog friend, Paper Sparrow, who was hosting a Tim Burton blog party. With the Halloween Costume Swap sign ups over and creative minds on over drive, I thought this tutorial would be a perfect example of what an accessory could look like for a Halloween costume.  Hopefully, this tutorial gives you some inspiration and ideas.

When you think of tea parties, what comes to mind? For me, it’s the Alice in Wonderland tea party scene. For those who love tea, I made a D.I.Y. “Let’s talk over Tea” brooch with steam coming out of it! So, grab your tea and let’s begin!

Supplies: teacup stamp, Speedball Oil-Based Block Printing Ink/fabric paint, 26 Ga. wire (thin wire), scissors, thread (light brown for the tea and another color to match your fabric), needle, felt, pencil, pen, pin-back, plastic bag or stuffing.

Sip 1: Stamp teacup onto fabric. Note: I carved my stamp out of linoleum.

Sip 2: Shape wire to look like steam. Wrap tip of wire around a pen to get a curved end. Use a single piece of long wire to create steam; this will make the next step easier.

Sip 3: Position steam on opening of teacup and sew it on with brown colored thread. 3 strands of thread.

Sip 4: Use a backstitch to create the tea in the cup with the brown thread, working in a circular motion. Don’t forget to stitch over the stitches that hold the wire in place. 6 strands of thread.

Sip 5: Place the teacup on a window with the image facing the window. Trace the teacup with a pencil, leaving a small gap around. Use outline to cut the teacup out.

Sip 6: Trace teacup on the felt with pen and cut felt out.

Sip 7: Sew pin-back on the back of the felt. How to hind pin-back click here.

Sip 8: Using a blanket stitch, sew together teacup and felt with thread that matches your stamped fabric. 1 strand of thread. Don’t sew the two pieces together all the way. You’ll need to leave some room in the end to insert the stuffing.

Sip 9: Stuff teacup brooch with a plastic bag (recycle) or cotton stuffing. Finish sewing teacup and felt shut.

Sip 10: Wear your brooch proudly and grab another cup of tea!

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