February 16, 2011

My Valentine Craft Swap Gift

I signed up for a Valentine Craft Swap on Strumpets Crumpets blog and got paired up with Brittany from Miss Yellow Shoes. I went on Brittany’s blog and read it to get a better feel of who she is and what she likes.

I made Brittany two heart chalkboard mugs one for her and the other for her fiancĂ©e since she is newly engaged and crocheted her a yellow bow for her hair, attached to a card. My husband was nice enough to spray the chalkboard paint on the mugs. I used yellow yarn because it’s Brittany’s favorite color. On the card there is a heart, Senior Heart, who is saying “Que Bownita.” Que Bonita means how beautiful in Spanish but I added the w to bonita. Get it? Bow-nita!

Please note that the yellow crochet bow I made was influenced by some bows I had seen on OH MY DEER’s blog.

I’m glad Brittany LOVED her Valentine craft swap gift. You can see how much she loved it by the video below.

Brittany made me five Eye Love U cards. They are absolutely adorable. They arrived on Valentine’s Day so it was perfect timing.

Below is a video that Brittany made on how to make these Eye Love U cards.

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