February 22, 2011

Valentine’s Day Boxes

I always try to come up with creative activities for my staff and last year for Valentine’s Day I had them decorate their own Valentine’s Day box. Some of them got really creative. The winner of the Valentine’s Day box was Doug. He made his box into a dinosaur and you open the dinosaur’s mouth to put the Valentine’s Day cards or candy in. The employee’s really enjoyed this activity and those that participated received Valentine’s Day cards and treats in their boxes from their fellow co-workers. This year they asked me if they could do it again and I said no because this month is a very busy month. I was already feeling overwhelmed at work. I promised them that once things slowed down at work I would come up with a new fun, creative activity.

Even though, I couldn’t enter the Valentine’s Day box contest I did make one. My box is the fire truck on the right of the picture. Can you guess why I made my box into a fire truck? My husband is a fire fighter.

My employees enjoyed making the Valentine's Day boxes so much I decided to have my book club members make their own this year, especially since I am hosting this month’s meeting at my house. We usually meet the last Sunday of the month so this month’s meeting is on February 27. I can’t wait to see what the girls come up with! We actually have a creative bunch.

Since Valentine’s Day has past, I wanted to create a box that I can display all year round and without making it too obvious that it is a Valentine’s Day box. While surfing the web, I found just what I was looking for. A locker Valentine’s Day box! Disney’s Family Fun.com has the tutorial. Click on the locker box picture to go to the tutorial. My flag won’t say “LIONS,” it will say “HIPPOS” since hippos are my favorite animal. I’m going to work on my locker box this week. I’ll post pictures after my book club meeting, of my girls’ Valentine’s Day boxes and my box too!


  1. What a fun thing to do with coworkers! So creative too! I think my coworkers would choke me if I suggested this for next Vday:)

  2. I work at a movie theater, where most of my employees are in high school. Coming up with fun activities like this I think increases employee moral and it's fun. Plus, we can resist free Valentine's Day treats!


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