March 28, 2011

March’s Book Club Meeting

Like always, this was another fun filled book club meeting. We discussed the book “Delirium” by Lauren Oliver, which we all liked. I actually read it in one week and I consider myself a slow reader. I highly recommend this book. The book is about living in a society without love. Unfortunately, I won’t have a book giveaway for “Delirium” since the girls are gradually switching to electronic devices like the nook or an iPad to read their books. But no worries, I will be having some kind of giveaway this month.

For those who love cupcakes, I know I do, you’ll love April’s book. It’s called, “Crazy about Cupcakes” by Krystina Castella. It’s a cupcake recipe book. We try to spice things up with our books. We have read self help books and this will be our first recipe book. Regina (second on the left) choose this book and said we don’t have to read the whole book just the intro. She’s such a sweetheart that she bought all of us our own cupcake recipe book so we don’t have to buy it. She wants us to pick a recipe from the book, bake a batch, and bring them to April’s book club meeting for everyone to enjoy. There will be cupcake trivia and cupcake judging. I’m so excited! I can’t wait! So, I’ve decided to make my next giveaway cupcake themed! I just don’t know exactly what yet.

The conclude this post, I will like to announced March’s book giveaway winner…

Congratulations Rocio! I will be emailing you to get your address to ship your book “Outside Valentine” by Liza Ward. I hope you enjoy reading it!

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