February 9, 2013

Thirty One

A week ago, Saturday, February second, I turned thirty for the second time. Fine! I’ll say it! I turned thirty-one! Ahhh! This year for my birthday I made sure I requested the day off from work, even if that meant staying at home doing nothing. After dealing with upset customers on my birthday pervious years, I refused to work on my birthday again if I didn’t have to.

On my birthday, my family and friends made me feel special. My facebook became popular. Whose doesn’t on his or her birthday with corner reminders on facebook that it’s someone’s birthday. Which is alright by me because I tend to have a crappy memory when it comes to remembering birth dates. I got texts, calls, and Happy Birthday songs got left on my cell phone. For lunch my best bud Pam took me to Souplantation, where I tired to taste all the soups they had. I had two more left to go, but stopped to leave room for dessert. It was my first time there and I don’t do well at buffets because I try to eat everything. Driving back home, Pam said she felt bad letting me go home so early on my birthday and without having a drink. It was 8 pm and we stopped by my favorite Mexican restaurant, La Casita, and had my favorite margarita, Coronarita. Around 9:30pm, I started feeling my age. My stomach was aching because of all the food I ate and I couldn’t even eat my free birthday cake. Sad to say, I was ready to go home. My plan was to crawl into bed and watch a movie but I ended up saying up until 1am working on a swap piece while watching “Pitch Perfect” in the living room. There is no other way I could have imagined my birthday. Phone calls as far as Spain, lunch with a good friend, my favorite drink, and ending the night with what I love to do best – crafting. Let’s not forget the cherry on top, and no mean customers!

Some pictures of gifts I got before and after my birthday from people that love me!

Thirty-five homemade Day of the Dead inspired cupcakes made by my work pal Ms. Thayer and her sister Tawnya. The only card I got from my favorite aunt Rosa. She has never missed a birthday. McDonald breakfast from work pal Maria. Frida Kahlo themed tea lights made by Amanda for my Frida Kahlo themed birthday party, a week away!


  1. ! Happy Birthday!!
    Those cupcakes look AMAZING! And what a cool card. :) Glad to hear you had such a good 31st. Mine is coming up this summer. It's been *interesting* to say the least, being 30 so far. :)

    1. Jen, when is your birthday? I would love to send you a card.


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