August 10, 2016

Bee Creative Stocking Swap

Now, that Viva La Frida Craft Swap has come to an end, Emily and I, from Bee Creative Swaps are at it again. This time we are bringing the holiday spirit out a little early with  “Bee Creative Stocking Swap!” You don’t sew? No worries! You can buy an already pre-made stocking and decorate it based on your partner’s likes. For full details and to sign up CLICK HERE!

I will be posting inspirational do it yourself stocking ideas on my blog each Sunday, until July 28. The Sunday posts will be called, “Sunday Stocking Special.” Scheduled posts themes are as follows: 

August 14: DIY No Sew and Tradition Stockings 

August 21: DIY Non Traditional Stockings
August 28: Decorating Stocking Ideas

The Sunday Stocking Special posts are meant to get your creative juices flowing and give you some out of the box ideas on how you might like your own stocking made. And, maybe be the little push to motivate those who are still unsure if they want to participate to sign up.

Sign ups are open until August 31st and shipping deadline is November 1st.

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