December 15, 2016

Bee Creative Stocking Swap: What Lily Received

My partner, Julie, for the Bee Creative Stocking Swap, Emily and I hosted, was really on her game. She was the first to ship her stocking swap package from all the gals that signed up. Lily received her package in early October. I signed up for one stocking meant for Lily. It felt like Christmas had arrived early at our doorstop the day we received the package.

This is what Lily received. I really enjoyed watching Lily open her stocking. It felt wonderful watching Lily open a gift from a complete stranger who put so much love and creativity into making a stocking and the stuffings just for her. Obviously, crocheting is Julie's thing and she's damn good at it! She crochet the stocking, the fox headband, and the purple teddy bear or what Lily calls, "Baby Bear."

Lily loved everything, absolutely everything, she received. She kept kissing her Baby Bear, which was crochet in her favorite color and her squirrel. The fox headband was a huge hit with my husband and I because foxes and woodland critters are our thing for Lily. 

Julie really outdid herself! I was so happy I got paired up with her and was looking forward to finishing up my family's themed Halloween costumes so I could continue to work on her son's stocking and stuffings and spoil him like she did Lily. 

If you're interested in seeing the other awesome stocking swap packages received, check out the Stocking Swap Album on the Bee Creative Facebook page here!

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