December 12, 2016

Halloween Swap: What I Received

Yes, I know I should probably be posting holiday themed posts but if I don't post what I received for my Halloween Swap I might never get to it. Pictured below is all the awesome goodies I received from my swap partner Tanya.

Tanya made everything herself. I got a Halloween themed tree, a skull head candle holder, a beautiful skull bracelet, and a haunted house that lights up.

For the Halloween themed tree, Tanya repurposed an old door knob. It's a great addition to my Halloween cemetery decorations.

I love all the detail Tanya put into this awesome candle holder. Details include the book she chose, "The Book of Shadows," roughing up of the book, the spiderweb stamping on the sides, the pearls in the eyes, etc. It makes me feel special that all this work was done for me.

This bracelet has become one of my favorite accessories. I love the colors used, the different shades of purple and the grey. Even with the skulls, which are my favorite part, it still has a girlie feel to it. It is totally my type of jewelry.

Here's another awesome repurposed goody I received. Tanya found this haunted house that light ups and painted it black, added glitter, and the little skull beads on top. Another great addition for the cemetery scene I put up for Halloween.

Isn't everything I received just awesome!?!? Thank you again Tanya! Okay, okay. I'll let you guys return to your holiday posts; however, I hope you enjoyed this post.

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