January 11, 2011

Belle, Puppy Education Graduate

Yesterday, Belle my 9-month year old dog graduated from puppy training class! I am so proud since I had my reservations whether she was going to graduate at first, since she wouldn’t listen to a word I said. Now, she knows how to sit, down, stay, leave it, shake (with both paws), and turn left and turn right. In March, she will be going back to school at PetSmart for intermediate class. I think it is important to put any dog, especially at an early age, through puppy training classes because it avoids disasters in the home and better communication between you and your dog. I’ve heard too many stories of dogs being taken to the pound to be put to sleep because their owners didn’t take the time to train their pets so they won't destroyed their home. I’m glad my husband and I put Belle into puppy training classes and we get so excited watching her learn you tricks. Graduations Belle!

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