February 6, 2011

Justin Bieber Pin

I must admit that though I currently don’t have kids of my own, but plan to have them soon, I think of my young co-workers almost as my children. Though, they know I mean business when I ask them to do something they also know that I am there when they need someone to talk to. Well, this is how much I like my employees, that I made one of them a custom Justin Bieber pin. Courtney was the employee that got me the mini birthday cake for my birthday and I decided to make her a special pin for her birthday. Courtney loves Justin Bieber and has “a secret addiction” towards him. I put my graphic design skills to use and came up with this.

Courtney knew that I was making her something but I was thrilled on how well it turned out that I already put the image on her facebook wall. I’m bad when it comes to keeping surprises. I printed the image on photo paper and tomorrow I’m going to get it laminated at Staples and clue a pin back on the back. Once the pin is complete, I’ll post a picture.

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