February 20, 2011

My mom's birthday

Yesterday was my mom’s 57th birthday. I called her early in the morning and played her a You Tube video of Pedro Infante singing “Las Mañanitas,” which she loved. I asked her where she would like to eat for lunch and she wanted to go to a buffet.  I brought my mom  a carrot cake and her birthday gift (it was black pants) when I arrived to pick my little brother and her up. I decided to take them to Golden Corral since I heard it is a popular buffet and none of us had ever been there before. The food was very good; the only draw back was that I couldn’t have anything with milk in it because of a certain medication I am currently taking.  So, I didn’t have any dessert. Sad face.

After lunch we did some shopping. We went to Rue 21, Target, Ross, and the 99-cent store. At Rue 21, I got my mom a ring with a snake and little rhinestones on it, and I got myself a cute owl ring, an orange long sleeve shirt, and some short brown boots. My shirt and boots were on clearance except for the rings. I got the shirt at $3.00 and the boots at $9.99. I walked out a very happy customer!

My mom doesn’t go out much so I'm glad a was able to give her a fine owl’d time.

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