September 3, 2011

Vacation Series: California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences was another awesome place my brother took me to see in San Francisco. When you walk into the museum you see this huge Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, which reminded me of the movie, “Night at the Museum.”

My favorite thing at the California Academy of Sciences was the man made replica of a rain forest, created inside a 4-story glass dome. It was humid inside but absolutely beautiful! On one floor there was tropical birds and butterflies freely flying around. When leaving that floor level you had to check yourself in front of a mirror to make sure you didn’t take any butterflies with you before ascending to another level. In the dome we also saw fishes, frogs, plants, lizards, and snakes.

A popular sight to see at the museum is there albino alligator named Claude. The California Academy of Sciences building’s rooftop is like no other. It has a garden rooftop. We also saw “The Summer of Slither” a snake and lizard exhibition, which was the reason my brother wanted to take me to the California Academy of Sciences. One of my nicknames is Lizard. So, when my brother Chuy asked if I wanted to go to the California Academy of Sciences to see the snake and lizard exhibition I said, “Yes! I would love to see more of my people (lizards)!”

If you plan on visiting San Francisco, I highly recommend the California Academy of Sciences.

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