September 9, 2011

The Haunting of past Halloween Parties!

(Front of Invite)

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate and it is also many of others bloggers favorite holiday too, like Becky’s from Strumpets Crumpets and Emily from The Morose Bee. Becky shared some of her past Halloween parties with her blog readers. Her Halloween parties and invitations are spooktacular! Becky has motivated me to share some of my past Halloween parties that I have had too.

(Back of Invite)

The first Halloween party my husband (then boyfriend) and I hosted was “The Pumpkin Carvers’ Party” in 2008. I designed the invitation to reflect a horror movie poster. I carved the pumpkin myself and made it look like it was crying for its life. Can you tell what we did at our Halloween party? Carved pumpkins!

1. Our guests carving their victims.
  2. Our pumpkin carver winner. My little brother Andy.
3. Outside decorations.
4. My pumpkin with my firefighter design.

Our guest in their costumes. I was a pirate.

I have two more Halloween parties to share! Keep an eye out!

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