March 11, 2013

Girl Power Fabric

This is my first fabric entry on Spoonflower. Spoonflower is a website where you can buy fabric or design your own fabric. With International Women’s Day being this month, Spoonflower held a contest where you had to create a design inspired by girl power.

My design has bold fun colors with a black background. I spelled out, “Girl Power” in all caps and the O in Power is a sun with the words, “I am” in it. All around the girl power saying are flowers. In each flower is a word that describes positive things about girls. I am confident, I am important, I am happy…

I titled my fabric, “I Am Girl Power.” Honestly, I don’t think my fabric will win first place but it’s worth a try. There are some pretty cool girl power fabric entries. I even have my eyes on some I would like to buy. The more fabric I design the better I’ll get. I feel kind of rusty. I would like however to be in the top ten. This is where you come in. Click here and click on Vote For Your Favorites. You can vote for as many girl power fabric designs as you’ll like and I would greatly appreciate it if you include my entry as well. If I’m in the top ten I’ll have a giveaway and the prize will be something I make with the fabric I designed.

Leave me a comment if you vote for me; I would love to know.

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